Mi Headphones try going audiophile : Xiaomi\’s premium Sound

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Xiaomi has already taken over the world by storm when they entered the smartphone race. Now, when they decided to make a headphone, everyone was keen on how exactly would they sound. But must we say, Xiaomi knows what it does and how it has to be done. This time though, they did go a bit premium and we are glad to see, it shows.

Specifications :
Semi-Open, Surround Sound, 20 Hz – 10 kHz, Beryllium Alloy, 1.4 m detachable cable with Mic and volume control


¢ Excellent Built Quality all thanks to the beryllium alloy construction
¢ Several extensions and pads make it immensely versatile to suit various types of users
¢ Built in Microphone also allows for cellphone usage and still can maintain good volume levels


¢ Semi-Open design leaks some sound
¢ At the price point, it competes with much capable products and falls in a niche bracket
¢ Sound quality is good but it tends to curve towards the bass head a lot

Verdict :

Xiaomi\’s Mi Headphone is a good looking and well built headphone which also provides good sound quality with emphasis on bass. Bass heads will love these. These are well worth it as you get On Ear and Over the Ear pads allowing users to customize their listening experiences. Try it for sure.

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