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MELINDA LOOI – Fashion Designer of the month

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Don’t always just think fashion is a glamorous industry. If you just want to become famous and rich, then it is better to move on to other businesses. You must have passion for it. Fashion needs a lot of love, passion, hard work and patience. ”


Exhibit: Melinda Looi – the brand has grown to become a celebrated one in Malaysia and making waves internationally. How would you like to describe the journey?
Melinda Looi: There were a lot of challenges. It was never easy. I started out sharing a workshop with another designer friend of mine. We shared the cutting table with only one cutter and one sewing lady back in 2000. After the first year, we finally bought a second sewing machine and hired one more staff. It was tough; I was running around buying fabrics and all the materials. I was even my own counter promoter/ sales person. Fashion is an on-going business and a fast-paced industry. We have to constantly keep up with the current trends and come out with new things. If we slow down, we will be left behind

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your style of design?
Melinda LooiSome describe it as avantgarde, some say provocative. I think they are just art pieces that will last forever in your memory- full of details, character and layering. […]


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