Marshall Woburn Multi-room Bluetooth Speakers Review

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The Marshall Woburn multi-room speakers share the same design aesthetics as the company’s guitar amplifiers. Marshall has also brought the same design to the Stanton and Action speakers. The golden accented knobs and the 3D engraved company trademark over the speaker grille add to the premium quality of the Woburn. You can control the volume, bass and treble levels. With the help of the ‘Source’ knob, you can select Bluetooth pairing or play your favourite tracks over WiFi. Marshall has also given the option of connecting your smartphone to the speaker with the AUX port. The Woburn speaker does not have a built-in battery and requires an external power supply.


The Marshall Woburn Multi-room Bluetooth speakers consist of two 15 Watt and one 40 Watt amplifier. It supports maximum sound levels of 110 dB. To sum it up in simple terms, the audio experience is amazing. The company is calling the Woburn a ‘garden speaker’ for the right reasons. Place outdoor for your parties and crank up the volume and bass to get your friends on the dance floor. Or play your favourite tunes while you relax in the open air verandah after a tiring day’s work. With the Marshall Multi-room app, you can control the settings for more than speakers connected to the same network from the comfort of your smartphone. The app also allows you to save 7 different presets. With these presets, you can add your favourite albums or playlists. Consider these as your shortcuts. The advantage of the Marshall wireless speakers is that you can combine multiple speakers, place them in different rooms and control the volume, bass and treble levels directly from the app.


The traditional guitar amplifier design makes the Marshall Woburn Multiroom Bluetooth speakers a great addition to your home. Be it indoor or outdoor, the speakers provide the best in class audio performance for every audiophile while also grabbing a lot of attention from the crowd at a party. Priced at around `47,000 in India, the Marshall Woburn is worth every penny for music lovers.


  • Two 15-WATT amplifiers
  • One 40-WATT amplifiers
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth 4.2, Chromecast connectivity option
  • Rating 9 of 10

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