Lines Between Fashion And Technology Are Blurring

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There’s no denying the fact that the technology is booming all throughout the world. There’s no denying that people are day by day getting obsessed with fashion. And then, there is no denying that trends and technology will soon be like bread and butter. Some of the biggest names in tech-world include Amazon, Apple and Google. These three are the engines of technology. All three of them are trying to carve their way into the fashion space bit by bit. Apple has entered the market by introducing fancy smartwatches. Amazon, the online retail giant, has seeped the market with a shopping platform and voice-controlled cameras. Everyone’s favorite, Google, is ruling the industry with conductive fabrics embedded in a smart jacket made by top jeans brand—Levi’s. And the interest is mutual.

Techie Fashion Designers

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is Chanel’s creative director. He has expressed his adoration for tech by experimenting with moderately 3D-printed pieces and runway shows that have replicated an entire rocket launch. Our fashionable list does not end here. Zac Posen, with help from fashion chamber Marchesa, has coordinated with IBM’s Watson supercomputer. These two industries, tech and fashion, have come together to create a cognitive dress. This dress lights up and changes colors based on the wearer’s activities on social media platforms.

After going through this small assessment, we can say for sure that the lines between these fashion and technology industries are blurring immediately. At this very point, it feels like the amalgamation of high-tech fashion is moments away from being more than just a gimmick stunt. In the almost-near future, for all you know, you could even be 3D printing your own shoes or clothes at home!

The Expected Change

Soon enough, instead of going to a boutique, you’ll buy designs right from the designer. And it’s not far where we will use the word “wearable technology” for something other than a mobile accessory. The fancy word “wearable” will soon be applicable for red carpet events too!

Just think about it: Your Apple Watch is fundamentally a bone if you don’t have an iPhone harmonizing with it.

All of this is to say in the argument that lines between fashion and technology are blurring rapidly.


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