MWC rumors: LG’s X-Factor

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LG looks to be all set to storm in at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. Storming in, with the X-Factor would definitely build all the hype for all the mobile enthusiasts. Building up rumors much before the anticipated MWC is great way to pull the attention towards you. The trick to rumor it, doesn’t only pumps up the blood pressure but also, shoots up the adrenaline level. The curiosity is thundering up, as we all await what launches are going to strike us like a hurricane. LG right now has played a trump card by stating to launch ‘X’ series smart phones, which borrows features seen on LG high end gadgets. Those who are on a fix or a low budget, LG surely has brought all smiles by implying MWC is not to showcase high end smart phones but also budgeted phones.LG-X-cam-769x1024The aim of X series is to target the audience who look for camera and get resolution at affordable prices. Don’t fall off your chair or go straight to coma after hearing the specs. The specs are not only dashing but one would wonder how can it fit into the budget and is it really going to be affordable. The X cam is known to have the most advance camera experience at an affordable price. The rear camera has two cameras 13MP and 5MP. Shocked! I was astonished too. The X cam on the other hand has a front camera of 8MP. Since we’re in the age of selfies, The X cam is perfect not only for selfie lovers but also for photographer enthusiasts. It has 5.2inch FHD display. It has on board 16GB ROM with a 2GB RAM storage. The battery life is packed with 2,520 mAh. The good news is it’ll be running the latest android version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Wouldn’t it be great to see the X cam at the MWC and to be launched at an affordable price? Don’t take your eyes off the screen as the other X series is the ‘X’ screen is rumored to play side by side with the ‘X’ screen. The X screen focuses on the name as it suggests, so you wouldn’t know if your eyes are off the screen. X series, too, will be running on the latest android version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. X screen is 4.93 inches and comprised of 720p HD. The best part of the phone is that you get a secondary always-on screen which is similar to the LG V10. When you own the phone, you can take your eyes off the screen and yet receive notifications. It is build with a 2GB RAM and on board 16GB ROM. The battery is powered with 2,300 mAh battery. X screen has a 13MP rear and 8MP front facing camera.Now, we suppose LG already created a buzz marking the X factor at the MWC by launching the X series focusing on great camera and display experience. Both the phones are very different to each other. Nevertheless, it’ll create an impact at the MWC. We’re hoping the football enthusiasts don’t have an overdose of football and tune in pumped up for the MWC. But then again it’s a rumor and a lot of additions could be made. Let us hope for the best and leave it to us to feed you with the changes. Till then, we won’t kill the excitement. Would the trick of rumoring the X series before a week backfire or would it hit the jackpot, is something we need to wait for till the MWC launches. Please leave your comments below for the X series phones targeting budget audience.

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