LeEco launches first world driverless concept car

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LeEco is looking at the Future of Tomorrow, by unveiling Supercar LeSEE along with FF – The World’s first driverless concept supercar, which exceeds all expectations. Who would have ever imagined, LeEco to behind the wheels of an innovative Supercar? The LeSEE concept car encompasses a unique “internet” design, with a large and flamboyant LED screen. This concept car mainly takes on the idea of “interconnection”; which does not only  have fully-automatic driving functions, it can also learn on its own, with facial recognition, emotion recognition, system recognition and path recognition.\nLeEco-launches-driverless-electric-concept-car-blackwhite\n\nLeEco’s founder Jia Yueting with Le Supercar’s co-founder, the global deputy president Ding Lei, revealed the first model of the concept car. At the event, LeEco gave a very sneak-peak to the audience to its concept car. Besides the electric car that holds the concept of LeEco’s intelligent shared transportation ecosystem. It will also announce on the auto show in Beijing a partner in the major domestic automotive industry, as well as the world’s first AI research center with both automotive factory units and an internet company in USA’s Silicon Valley–the “FF& Le Future” Research Center.\n\nThis concept doesn’t only shake the cradle but it gives an idea what LeEco is capable of. Don’t take the small guns lightly, as they are on a roller coaster ride going against big guns. The concept gives a fair warning to the other competitors. If this the future of LeEco, we will be waiting for the sun to come on that day, edging towards tomorrow.

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