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It’s a ‘Kodak Moment’. Now how many of you remember that ad campaign from the past. Kodak is a brand which has been popularly known to make reel-cameras. However, with the changing times, Kodak has now stepped into the TV market as well and has come up with a range of smart TV’s. We had tried out the 40-inch FHD Kodak Smart TV earlier and now we have tried the upgraded 50 inch variant. Here is how it performed.


The box, packaging are of decent quality, similar to the one seen on the 40-inch variant. Once out of the box, the Smart TV looks premium and does not feel like an entry-level budget TV at the first go. It weighs around 15kgs which is on the lighter side which means that the installation process is quite easy. The screen bezels come with a piano black finish and are very small which gives a premium feel to the TV. It even comes with an air-mouse which makes operation slightly easier.


The TV starts with a bright Kodak logo followed by Smart TV. Powering it is a 1GHz quad-core processor unlike the 1.7 GHz dual-core processor in the 40-inch variant(more core means better performance). It gets 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Connectivity options include three USB ports (two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), VGA ports, three HDMI ports, a standard 3.5mm audio jack, a LAN port and built-in WiFi. The TV comes bundled with a standard remote and an air-remote. You also have the option of TV-in, PC Audio-in, Digital audio(COAX) and Ethernet connectivity. The positioning of the ports is something that could have been better and if you plan to wall-mount the TV, it is advised that you get an aftermarket port extension. With the earlier model, there was a noticeable lag while navigating through the menus which can get annoying over a period of time. However, with the updated firmware, the TV performs glitch free and makes it worth the price. It comes with preloaded apps like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Twitter and Gmail. It even gets ‘Miracast’ screen mirroring and it worked fine with most Android phones we tested it on.The overall multimedia experience is pretty good and you can stream apps like Netflix, Hotstar on this TV, just as you would on your phone or PC.


Just like the 40-inch variant, the 50FHDX Smart is a great value for money product. The USB-chargeable air mouse comes with a QWERTY keypad and a track pad with a toggle button, home and back buttons below the track pad with volume up/down and TV on/off buttons. For an entry level TV, the air mouse is a pretty cool feature.


The Kodak 50FHDX Smart TV is still a smart TV on a budget which just like its smaller sibling, justifies the term ‘smart’ budgetly- well. Overall,the user interface isn’t the most interactive and glitch free but you also have to negotiate the fact that you are getting a 50-inch FHD display at a great bargain. If you are upgrading from a CRT or a smaller-screen LCD TV, the Kodak 50FHDX Smart TV will not disappoint you.

RATING- 8/10

PRICE- 33,999

                                 SPECS FOR NERDS

122 CM Full HD LED Display, 1080 x 1920 resolution,
Android v4.4, 1 GHz quad-core processor
512MB RAM + 4GB ROM,
3 X USB, 3 X HDMI, VGA, Ethernet Connectivity

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