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How To Kind of…Get Rid of Notches on Your Precious iPhone X

iPhone X
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Apple’s brand new, the latest and the paramount iPhone X is a one of a kind mobile phone for sure. Of course now, with the kind of price that you are paying for the device, it ought to be breathtaking. However, Apple has kind of made a bizarre structural selection. The company has kept few notches on the device, and they pretty much resemble like horns, since they are laid out on top of the smartphone. Okay, you may go ahead and call it a “necessity.” However, we can’t ignore the fact that all the space below the notch is used by this connoisseur hardware, which makes sure your FaceID works flawlessly. Nevertheless, it still looks somewhat out of place on the mobile.

Still, the iPhone X sports the AMOLED display. This means that the individual pixels can also be turned off. The developers were witty in developing methods to hide the display notches between the two layers of those indolent OLED pixels. What you can do is use so using wittily-designed wallpaper. Now, to do this, you need to use an app called ‘Notcho”!

With the help of Notcho, you can for sure ignore your brand new iPhone X’s notch. The app offers you a decent selection of carefully-created wallpapers for iPhone X. Not only this, the app will also let you import any of your own snapshots or images. Like that, the app will make the area surrounding notch darker in shade.

But here’s what you need to keep in mind. With this wallpaper trick, you can only “hide” the notch on your lock or home screen. This means that you’ll still see that notch on your device when you are using other apps. The app is basically free of cost. But, it will add a watermark to the wallpapers. This can be removed for a minimal fee of $1.99 USD (approximately 130 INR) as a one-time payment.

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