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Kazuo Ninomiya, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd.

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“ Exceed customer expectations


    Managing Director

 Bachelor of Business Administration in International Management, Konan University (Kobe, Hyogo, Japan)

Kazuo is the Managing Director at Nikon – a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in optics and imaging products. Ninomiya is a seasoned corporate executive and an old hand at Nikon Corporation, having served almost 3 years of business operations in Asian markets and clocked over two decades of experience in sales, marketing and planning. In his current role, Kazuo is leading Nikon’s India business operations, expanding the strong footprint that the company has built in the last 10 years and further shaping the future of imaging in India.

Kazuo started his career with his first job in Sales as an Assistant Sales Manager at Sanyo Electric Credit Co. Ltd. (Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan) and later came to be associated with Nikon. He bets on Nikon being the next big thing as he sees it under top 10 brands in India and would start with introducing the third wave coffee chain in India as his first startup venture. Indulging in watching movies, bird watching is what he likes to do in his pastime. Kazuo likes to keep himself informed about the latest technological trends and the first ever gadget he owned was a Nintendo family computer. He also likes to catch a read whenever possible and A compass to fulfilment by Kazuo Inamori (Founder of Kyocera) is his favourite read.

Quote you live by: Success consist of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchil


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