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KAMAL BASU – Head of Marketing & PR Volkswagen, India

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kamal-basu-volkswagon IndiaExhibit: How do you try to align your company with the growing importance of Technology?
KAMAL BASU: Technology forms the backbone of any automobile brand. It’s not just about using technology or forcing it because by the time we put it into our car and the car gets launched, it still needs to be very contemporary. For us, it’s more about projecting technology and then building it into our cars.

Exhibit: The Beetle was seen killing it big time at the event. How do you think does Beetle relate to the tech part of the event since it is such an iconic car?
KB: This is an interesting question because the Beetle is known for its design, and all Fashion designers are known for their designs. The Beetle is a design that’s been timeless right through the ages, since the time it was launched and it is the car that launched Volkswagen as a brand. However, interestingly, what’s changed through the decades since 1940, when the first Beetle was launched, is the technology.

Exhibit: What do you think of the blend between Fashion and Technology?
KB: Design is a very critical component for any car manufacturer. Design is what differentiates you from the competition and design is what identifies you in a crowd. So for us, design is one of the critical pillars. We’ve got some of the best designers working at Volkswagen and amalgamating Technology with design is where the story comes alive. So, according to me, it’s the amalgamation of both that makes the final product great to have.

Exhibit: What are your thoughts on being associated with Exhibit magazine and Tech Fashion Tour? KB: As a brand, we are extremely glad to be associated with this very prestigious event. This is one of the most unique Fashion events that amalgamates two very critical pillars of Fashion and Technology and that is what makes kamalbasu-qouteit different from the rest. This combination blends with our thinking and that’s the reason why we felt the need to associate, not just as a brand, but with our iconic 21st century Volkswagen Beetle with the Tech Fashion Tour. We are very excited to be associated. The 21st century Beetle that’s now available in India, is a combination of the timeless design and tomorrow’s technology brought into the car and that’s where we find the connect with the event.

Exhibit: What future trends do you see be aligned to automobile?
KB: If you see where the world is going- there’s driverless car, there’s e-mobility- these things are being developed for the larger world and the good thing about India is that we tend to lead from and catch up with the world in a very short span so we don’t go through the whole gestation period of trying things out. So, I see the current of tech coming to India much sooner rather than later in terms of new technologies in automobiles.

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