iRevo TV makes your dumb display, smarter

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A Smart device that looks like a basic router.

First Impression : 

You could mistake this device to be a basic router. But the iRevo TV is something much more. It\’s a light weight router that runs on Android, has its own server that supports tons of Indian content, supports high capacity USB OTG and it turns your outdated display into a Smart TV.

Review :

-Design & Build 

It looks exactly like a router. The design is minimalistic and it works. Has a textured top with iRevo TV branding. Front has LEDs, the rear is where all the ports are located next to a network antenna. You have a switch to turn the device on or off next to the power connector, 1 ethernet port, 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port and analog audio-video ports. Connecting the same is a breeze as its basically plug and play. The device can also be hidden as the controller is an ˜Air Mouse\’ that works on radio frequency.


Start the device and you are greeted with a pre-installed iRevo TV app that requires registration. Once done, this is basically an app that acts as the interface to control the various features. The app is extensive and has a good metro styled icon layouts. There are tons of options to choose from, right from TV series to movies from Bollywood
and Hollywood. The music section allows you to choose various international artists and videos are streamed through Revo\’s video stream or other sources. Best part is that all this happens without a hickup. iRevo has smartly cached most of the content and streaming these contents of various sizes was a breeze. You can also access various other apps through this main interface app like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other apps from news, social media, games to weather information. Also controlling them through the Air Mouse takes getting used to but gets easy as you get a hang of it. Come out of the app and you have a tablet based UI that runs on Android kitkat. The iRevo TV has 8GB onboard storage and supports USB OTG. Having a quad-core processor with 1GB Ram and USB OTG, we tried our 1TB HDD with various file formats and it worked fine as a media device that
too can be accessed through the main interface app. Sadly though, the main app utilizes awful lot amount of the 8GB internal storage on the iRevo Smart TV, leaving you just over 2GB of space to play around with. You could try installing apps like Plex for further advantages, but you are rather sorted with the iRevo TV app.

Amazingly the device can connect to an existing router with a great range or just act as a router all by itself. Either ways it makes an amazing networking machine.

Verdict : 
The iRevo Smart TV is an excellent piece of hardware for anyone who wishes to convert their dated TV displays into a powerful media based smart device. The cloud based contents are swiftly rendered and if you have Android at your disposal, world is the limit.

Specification : 

¢ Quad Core ARM Cortex A8 1.4GHZ CPU
¢ 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB Internal Flash
¢ Android 4.4 Kitkat and Smart TV with TelePlay
¢ DLNA Users Supported Up to 5 Users
¢ PowerDC 5V 2A, 110-240V AC
¢ 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with Antenna
¢ 10/100mpbs Ethernet and Router/
Hot-spot functionality

Price  8,499/-

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