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Sanjay Katkar CTO & Technical Director- Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd.

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Exhibit-When you and Kailash (now CEO & MD) started out establishing CAT Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. in 1993, did you ever imagine that it would be as successful as it is today?

Sanjay- Frankly speaking we never thought of making it so big when we started out in 1993. We began with an aim to create an anti-virus product that will be of international standards. Our focus was to provide the best of security solutions and customer satisfaction.
Ex-In close to 20 years of your co-heading this organisation, what has been the single major change you have seen in the world of technology?
SK- The one change in the world of technology over the last 20 years that has altered the way we live is the Internet the new communications paradigm. What we now address as the Participatory Web has become a part of everything connected to our lives. Whether it is about communication, latest events, research, socializing or doing business we are helpless without Internet. However, there has been a simultaneous rise in cyber crimes with problems like phishing, cyber attacks, malwares and identity theft attacks that tend to hamper the usability of the Information Superhighway and more so, steal fun out of it.
Ex-In 2002, Quick Heal won its first VB 100% award. In the preceding years you have won around 39. What\’s the secret behind the continuous awards and recognitions?
SK- Quick Heal\’s strength has been its strong research and development. As mentioned earlier, we started with the sole aim to come up with an anti-virus product that matched International standards. Since its first mention at Virus Bulletin Comparatives in 2002, Quick Heal has consistently won VB 100% award for maintaining its good detection rates on different platforms that include various Windows desktops and servers and Linux server tests. Virus Bulletin\’s bi-monthly comparative tests have long been considered the benchmark for gauging the quality of anti-virus solutions in detecting different range of known viruses. Quick Heal team is proud to maintain its consistent performance at these tests by always being on our
toes when it comes to detecting the latest malware. The credit goes to the entire Quick Heal team and its channel partners in achieving this tremendous success.
Ex-In recognition of Internet security solutions Quick Heal has also won 10 other awards from various organisations. How challenging will it be to keep this momentum going?
SK- Yes, over the past 5 6 years Quick Heal Technologies has received various awards. These include business awards as well as various government awards from the State government and Central government. Quick Heal Technology has been able to establish itself as the leading security software vendor in India and is looked up to as the role model for new software product start-ups. The key behind this success lies in constant innovation. At Quick Heal we believe in blending innovation and simplicity into every aspect of our product and corporate cycle, whether it is research and development for future versions or it is about reaching out to our customers for technical support or it is about disseminating information to our partners for training or for sales, we come-up with ways to do it better and in an uncomplicated manner. We have learnt that as long as we innovate we will be able to satisfy our users and that is the key as well as challenge we take when we start our work every day.
Ex-In February 2009, Quick Heal was rated Number 1 Antivirus by CRN Channel Champions Survey in AntiVirus (Consumer) category. How did you achieve this impressive milestone?
SK- Quick Heal has been ranked as No.1 AntiVirus by CRN for three consecutive years since 2009. We owe our success to all our channel partners, distributors and dealers who have shown their continued patronage in the product and the brand. As mentioned earlier, I believe our constant innovation at every step of going about our business with our partners and a solid technologically sound product has helped us to achieve the unfaltering faith of users and channel partners in our brand.
Ex-What\’s the biggest challenge in creating Internet Security products in an age where broadband is widely available, and data is travelling at the speed of light?
SK- It is very challenging to keep up with the pace of good malware detections in creating Internet Security products. Every day more and more information is being generated and communicated over the Internet. At the same time, new and advanced cyber threats resulting in identity theft, data theft and phishing attacks are spreading like wild-fire. The attack vector as well as volumes have multiplied since the malicious programs now-a-days propagate in zero time. The approach that ˜providing basic security is enough\’ has become obsolete. Even users are more informed and aware. Which makes it all the more important to cater to the expanding demand in Antivirus solutions that incorporate a whole lot of features, provide
real-time and multilayer security.
Ex-What about the competition within the anti-virus, anti-malware and Internet security companies? Is that getting tougher too?
SK- Anti-Virus market is very crowded with lots of vendors most of them International ones, not forgetting a handful local vendors too. So competition is tough. It is a challenge maintaining the number 1 position always.
Ex-What steps can people, in general, take to ensure maximum safety on the internet?
SK-Simple steps that one can follow for better safety while using Internet are: – Always use a licensed operating system so that you can have the service packs and patches applied. Make sure your OS updates are set to the automatic mode. This is important because most of the infections that we come across are due to the user not having applied the latest service packs and using old and un-patched Windows operating systems. – Have a good, certified Internet Security Suite installed and make sure it is always up-to- date. – When you are on social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter please do not click on the posts/links that are offering something free of cost. As it could be a trap to take you to some infected web page. Avoid downloading from any unknown website. Ensure that you download things from reputed websites only. Being aware of latest security issues and threats goes a long way to prevent you from becoming a victim to such attacks.
Ex-Is more competition among Internet Security firms giving firms better products or a dilemma of too much choice? How should one choose which product best suits them?
SK- More competition among Internet Security vendors is definitely giving users better products. One has to be careful while selecting a security product as there are quite a number of vendors out there selling bogus or a collection of fake security tools under the name of AntiVirus
or Internet Security Suites. So, while selecting an Internet Security Suite one has to make sure: 
– That the product he is going for is certified by reputed independent International certifying organisations like CheckMark, VB100% and/or ICSA labs.
 – One must make sure that the certificate logo from above certifying organisations is authentic by visiting their respective websites and checking if the security product is listed there as certified product.
– Before making a purchase decision visit the vendors website and check the company\’s information and history.
– One can also check if the vendor has presence in the city/town for the product\’s technical
support and that they have trained engineers or expertise to handle queries.
Ex-How has the year 2011 for Quick Heal Technologies been? What can we expect in the near future?
SK- I must say the year 2011 has been exalting with an impressive number of installations or say, new customers adapting to our new and improved product line. The recently launched Quick Heal 2012 has been getting tremendous positive response from the market. As far as our future plans are concerned, we intend to expand our product line to include security solutions for mobile devices and tablets on different platforms. So, very soon you will have Quick Heal for tablets and Apple iMac, MacBook Pro
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