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Sandeep Aurora, Director, Marketing, Intel South Asia

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Sandeep is the Director of Marketing for Intel in South Asia, and with his expertise has managed to create awareness of the brand in the region with relative ease. It\’s quite easy to relate to his thought process and understand his vision for the future of the organization in this region.

  • At an era when technology is polishing up at the wink of an eye, what strategies do you pick to keep in pace with it?

When you work for a leading technology company then it is understood that you\’ll be up to date with the latest technological advancements however I try to keep in touch with what\’s latest by reading regularly, networking with my peers in the industry be it via casual conversations, formal meetings or industry events or sometimes even some of my team members share stuff with me. Besides this the internet has become the go-to medium for everything and I try to regularly catch a snapshot of the latest from some of my favorite sites. 

  • Where do you think the next phase of growth in the Indian tech market will be emerging from?

A majority of India\’s population is the youth and today\’s youth in every sense are the consumers for tech products, a large majority of the youth is born into an era of technology and that is a huge advantage because selling the proposition of being tech enabled isn\’t a barrier anymore. The youth today are also in a position to influence all other segments are key interventionists in most purchases. Clearly it is this youth segment that will drive the next wave of growth for the Indian tech market is it in the metros or the lower tier cities. 

  • What reforms do you expect from the Government of India which will favor the tech industry?

The Government is already working across several sectors to ensure that the lives of people of India are transformed and technology has a very important role to play in this transformation. I believe that various reforms in education, healthcare, distribution of public services amongst others are areas where technology can play a pivotal role. 

  • How do you keep your business focused? Any suggestions for entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times?

What I do is, along with my team we identify specific areas of focus and as a clear reminder we stay focused on those areas. We look at how these areas fit into the bigger picture i.e. Intel\’s vision and take actions one at a time to work on these areas. Everyone in my team has the responsibility to act like the conscience keeper of the team to ensure we stay on track, after all it is one thing to say that you\’re focused and another to do it. My suggestion to entrepreneurs is to look at challenges as opportunities and do everything they can to work on maximizing those opportunities. 

  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Any task no matter how small or big, do it with Passion and dedication. 

  • What\’s your opinion on social media?

Learn it. Live it. Love it. 

  • Books that have recently kept you busy?I read more magazines than books however the last couple of books that have kept me busy are the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson and ˜The Start-up Nation\’ by Saul Singer.


  • The first three things you do on a Monday morning once at work/ How do you beat Monday morning blues?

Mondays always seem like the busiest day in the week, however the first three things that I do to help beat the Monday blues are

  • Like every other day I catch a quick glimpse of the top headlines across 6-7 newspapers, it is very important to stay updated.
  • We generally have a quick synch team meeting that helps us reconnect on important matters that need attention
  • Tackle email smartly with a few tips that I\’ve mastered over the years.


  • Congratulations! We have a cheque for Rupees 10 crore ready? Condition: You need to spend it in next 24 Hours. Hurry!

10 crores doesn\’t buy much these days J It\’ll be over in no time! Your 1st achievement: My running race gold medal from Class-II JJ 

  • Must have Winner qualities guide the young Exhibit readers.

Having A Dream- Without a dream you have nothing to drive you and inspire you into action. A dream is very powerful motivating force and it can also act as a compass pointing you in the right direction and ensuring you stay on track.Hard Work: Winners all have an insatiable appetite for hard work. They understand the values of hard work and they pay their dues through sweat, blood and tears to achieve excellence. Perseverance: Have the ability to hang in there, even when things aren\’t going your way.  Possess a mental strength and a ˜never quit\’ attitude which enables them to ride the storm of adversity and challenge to come out victorious at the end.Focus: Achieving any dream or goal requires focus. What makes a winner stand out is their ability to focus somewhat obsessively on their goal. They have an unwavering discipline and determination to shield themselves from everyday distractions and opportunities and focus purely on their goal. A Quickfire round:

  1. The Mobile APPs you use: Google Maps
  2. The watch which keeps you on time:Tag Heuer
  3. Your dream car: Range Rover
  4. A gadget that you bought and immediately regretted: Don\’t buy gadgets unless I\’ve thoroughly researched them so don\’t regret any of the purchases.
  5. Which is your preferred web store? Flipkart
  6. The car you drive?Toyota Innova
  7. Your favorite holiday destination: Anywhere with my family
  8. Which mobile/smart phone are you using? Samsung Galaxy S2
  9. The most anticipated/awaited gadget. Smartphones with Intel Inside
  10. The most expensive thing you have ever purchased online? An expensive book.
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