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Applications as a way of living in India – In Conversation with Mr. Ram Jalan

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It is an interesting take on how Indians have been using Apps for the past year or so and how companies are viewing this growth from a business point of view.

  • What was the inspiration behind (your app) ?

Local search is our core proposition. Majority of users accessed our services on pc/laptop. With growing mobile internet penetration in India, we decided to start early and designed our apps. The inspiration behind our app is ˜making information available at press of the button\’.

  • What platform is your app developed on? HTML 5?

We decided to build our app on native platforms. We have created our app across all mobile OS i-phone, Android, Blackberry, Java, Windows. Advantage of Native over Hybrid (HTML5) is that you can use the basis and advanced features of the mobile OS.  

  • How difficult is it to create an app and manage it on a daily basis?

App creation is an art in terms of User Interface, Design, Layout as well as Science plugging the codes to minimize app size, low on mobile resources. Therefore, app doesn\’t work on ˜build and forget\’ model. Getit team continuously works on new features, data revamp and many more.  

  • What are the challenges posed by all these different OS’ for App Developers?

OS gets continuous improved and the app needs to be developed on regular basis. Therefore, new features, design needs continuous efforts.  

  • Similarly what are the challenges posed in integrating different SN services into apps?

It\’s not a problem, It\’s all about no over-doing social media on your product. We are integrating social media on our apps and will be doing more over a period of time. It will be across specific categories with tangible benefit.        

  • What are some of the best apps that you have personally used, out there?

Maps Google maps, Freeads Classifieds apps, Hot Deal hot deals app.  

  • Working on ‘touch’ UI’s must’ve been quite challenging initially. How did the Developer community cope with this problem?

No, working on touch UI is not a challenge. Getit has previous experience of creating its WAP products for touch screen phones. We used the same experience on apps as well. Moreover, Getit works closely with all Mobile OS companies and we got tremendous support from them.

  • What according to you is the recipe for a successful app?

1. Simple but Metro design   2. Easy to use interface  3. Low app size  4. Shouldn\’t be buggy  5. Avoid overdose of mobile ads  

  • Any tips you would like to give to budding app Developers out there? 

Keep it simple. Users do not want out of the world design for a Utility app. What they want is a decent UI and lot of information. Basically app requirements varies between app types. Requirement for a gaming app is different than a utility app. Understand who is going to be the target user and then design the app and not vice- versa.

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