Internet trolls

internet trolls
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What are Internet Trolls?

For those who don’t know what the slang internet troll means, the word troll might give a very vivid imagery of the ugly, gigantic Scandinavian folklore creature that lived in caves, who walks sloppily and unnecessarily causes trouble to people and basically, tries to eat them.

Quite similar to that creature are internet trolls, creatures who sit behind their computer screens and for no apparent or convincing reason, try to keep pestering people on social media in order to make their lives miserable.

While we might have explained it in the subtlest way that we can, Urban Dictionary is on point with its definition that defines an Internet Troll as, “Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the Internet and, hey, you can.”

The job of an internet troll is to start an argument and humiliate people with their offensive and off-topic messages in the form of comments on YouTube videos, blog or forum comments, or on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They often do so for their own amusement as their comments evoke emotional responses from people and that makes them feel good by having put someone down.

Types of Internet Trolls You’ll Find Online

The Internet is filled in abundance with a wide variety of people who religiously do Internet trolling and the following are the very specific types of trollers who exhibit peculiar characteristics thus enabling you to spot them when you read their comments.

1. The Hater

These people hate on anything and everything and their comments make no sense most of the times. They will hate you for having the choices that you have to basically even breathing. They ardently hate random celebrities, everyday processes, what people do and everything in general. And they are not apologetic, at all. But, haters gonna hate, right?

2. The Grammar Nazi

The Grammar Nazi troller leaves no opportunity in correcting English faux pas and, in turn, putting people down with their condescending comments. Their those people (see what we did there?) who will correct people for their you’re, your, they’re, their and there. So, the best way to help yourself would be to use a proofreader!

3. The Insulter

These trollers are more or less like the haters but they will not just hate, but insult you like your existence bothers them and is a stain on existence in general if you know what we mean? Right from your taste in movies to icecream flavor, they will not approve of anything and will not shy away from blatantly putting it across. You can find many of these in the comments section of the YouTube videos, religiously hating on the video as if the only thing that ever irks them is the video.

4. The Shouter

These people express all their thoughts in caps lock and that makes it seem like they’re shouting from behind the computer screens. They are very aggressive about the way they are conveying their ideas, which are also not very delightful, mind you. Best way to cope with them is to steal their caps lock key!

5. The One Who gets Offended all the time

There are certain trollers who take offence on anything even if it does not have anything to do with them. They get hurt very easily and always feel that any jibe or comment on social media has been redirected at them. They, hence, resort to getting into the defensive mode. For instance, if someone said that they hate latecomers, they are going to take it to their hearts and get into explaining why people are late and before you know, you are wiping their virtual tears!

6. The Know-It All

These are the worst kind and you know that because we deal with such people in the living world too, right? These people are ever ready to go on and on about things they know and they are modest at the very least. Answering to show-off their “knowledge” even when not called for is their best talent. Moreover, they keep correcting people over wrong facts because it is necessary for their existence to do so!

7. The Debater

This kind is of the passionate trollers. Do you know why? Because they have a knack for ardently talking about politics and only politics at all times. They constantly express strong views on the political scenario and do not shut up about it. What they also like to do is spin any conversation around to make it into a debate and participate in it with full conviction (while nobody else seems to want to).

8.The Point Misser

Taking everything in the literal sense is what the point missers do. Their severe lack of sense of humor makes them take every tiny joke in its literal sense only to be offended about it later. For instance, if you told them you saw a penguin cross a road with an umbrella today, there is a good chance they would believe that the penguins have migrated for a while. Cute.

9. The Twister

Just do yourself a favor and don’t say anything in front of them. They are the trollers your laptop warned you about. For good fun or God knows what, they love twisting simple comments into something tricky and before you know it, you’re there explaining yourself for your supposed “inappropriate comment”.

How to Respond to Them?

  • The best way to deal with a troll is to ignore their comments. By reacting, you are giving the trolls what they want, which is your frustration and botheration.
  • The easiest way to get rid of humiliating and upsetting comments is to simply block/report/mute/unfriend the person bothering you and it saves you a lot of time and efforts!
  • Certain comments can be very nasty. By simply taking it in good humor and replying to them with humor can be a good way of dealing with trolling.
  • If you’re in the mood for adventure and just wish to give the troller a taste of his/her own medicine, then you should just counter troll. That will shut them up real good.
  • It is also a widely known fact that you can kill with kindness and you can definitely kill the sadistic mood of trollers but being kind to them because you are showing them that you are least bothered about what they say.
  • Finally, in case of real trolls, you can simply track their mother down and message/call her to show what a prick their son/daughter was being to you!

The reason why trollery is such a rampantly practiced activity on the Internet is consequence of multiple causes. Most prominent is the increasing amount of toxicity in the society today that is followed by the ease that the Internet provides in the form of anonymity and accessibility.

Trolling makes cowardly people feel stronger. So, most importantly, just try not to take these comments very seriously and try to have a good laugh about it because it turns out that trolling is a way of distraction for many people online as they wish to feel better about themselves by putting someone else down.


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