The Internet knows your secrets

Internet secrets
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Google tells a different story of who you are!


Are you the one whose secret companion is Google to search for any and everything on the surface of this earth? Do you feel no threat in telling Google about your biases and fetishes? Ok, chuck that! Have you ever wondered why corporate people invest so much time and money to gather and analyze data? After all, it’s just digits, complex mathematics and data. Let me tell you something! This data might look boring and may be difficult to understand, but is actually a plethora of information for government officials, businessperson, media and more.

But wait, what is this Data? Or, the right question to ask is who is Data?

The Answer is You!

No kidding! Data is people like you and me, who flood the internet each day with loads of personal information including their deep and dark desires and fetishes. A former Google data scientist, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz also wrote & published a book on this topic. The name of that book is – “Everybody Lies: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are.” In this book, he has talked about things which make us take an in-depth look into our true selves. You will get a reality check and also confront something which you never accepted about yourself. Who will say ‘yes’ if you ask them if they are sexist or racist? I guess no one! However, the internet tells another story.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz mainly relied on the Google facts and searches as the research foundation. The data is not only extracted from Google but also from the Pornhub which is one of the prominent pornographic websites in the world. The results fetched are shocking and undoubtedly sad. The author has even given justification on why he opted for Google Search and Pornhub. According to Seth, “In the pre-digital age, people hid their embarrassing thoughts from other people. In the digital age, they still hide from other people, but not from the internet and in particular sites such as Google and Pornhub, which protect their anonymity. These sites function as a sort of digital truth serum …”


Data is people like you and me, who flood the internet each day with loads of personal information including their deep and dark desires and fetishes. 


Furthermore, he analyzed that the data fetched from the given websites for concluding that social issues like racism, hate, and discrimination are definitely prevalent in the society. People know how to lie, and this is because they escape admitting their dark truths by portraying to the society they’re nice and sane. But, these people tend to confide their secrets to Google as they think no one is watching and judging them. You won’t believe how vulnerable a person can be until and unless you know what they search on Google. They surf the internet searching for things like sexless marriages, honest political views, mental health and all in the name of anonymity.

Something which people are not comfortable sharing with their closest friends is the weird sexual fantasies and fetishes they have. Seth gathered all this from Pornhub which helped him evaluate people’s weird fantasies. According to him, the most common searches on the porn website are bizarre things like stuffed to humping, incest, bondage, and homosexuality.

He has especially mentioned the dark truth about India stating, “Did you know that in India the number one search beginning ‘what my husband wants…’ is ‘my husband wants me to breastfeed him’?, This comment is far more common in India than any other countries. Moreover, porn searches for a depiction of women breastfeeding men are four times higher in India and Bangladesh than in any other country in the world.”

Fetching Big Data is actually a clever understanding of what all is available online. In my opinion, it can certainly help the governments, businesses and individuals alike.

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