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It’s not all that Dark


An average person using a computer along with an Internet connection can get access to a hell lot of information. Yet, there exists an entire world, which is unseen by your daily web browser.

Those hidden areas of the Internet are known as the Dark Web. Still it is not difficult to access the tools you can use to get to the deep web. Nowadays, more and more people want to use the Web secretly by signing in.

All the ‘House of Cards’ fans may be able to recall the Deep Web used into the plot of one of the seasons. The character named Lucas, who is a newspaper editor by profession, was trying to find a hacker. And he gets a little crash course from one of his reporters as follows: About ninety-six percent of the Internet cannot be accessed through standard search engines. Although the majority of it is useless, this is the place where you go if you want to find anything of everything: Bitcoin laundry, narcotics, child porn, and hackers for hire…

Leading researchers believe that the show got it almost right. However, they should have shown a clear difference between what’s called the Deep Web and what the Darknet sites are.

Simply put, the Deep Web is anything that is not accessible through the standard, commercial search engines.

Then comes the Darknet, which is a specific part of the deep web where you can function in complete secrecy. People can access websites that sell drugs without being tracked. People can also get a hold of weapons, and they can also hire assassins!

Researchers also believe that the Darknet has another major purpose that usually doesn’t get highlighted in the news stories: the darknet helps the political discordant that wish to elude government censors.

Accessing the Hidden Internet

The darkest layer of the deep web is called the dark web. This place is believed to have maximum amount of criminal content.

Obviously, you cannot find the dark web related content through regular search engines. Such matter can only be accessed after you install particular software on your computer such as TOR browser, I2P, Freenet, Subgraph OS, Tails OS, and others. These browsers will provide you a specialized encryption, thus preventing the transmission of IP address, which will in turn mask the user location or identity.

Clearly, the dark web is all about being anonymous.

In the end, anyone may be able to visit a dark web site, but it can be quite a task to figure out by whom such sites are hosted or from where they are hosted.

Moreover, the dark web also houses several hacking groups and botnet operations. And they are universally linked with malicious attacks, spam, and fraudulent actions.

And do not forget that various things on the deep net can disturb your mind.

Surfing such web content falls directly under illegal activities. If you want to surf the dark web, then you should take your obscurity and security very critically. Do not fool yourself by thinking the Internet Service Providers and Law Enforcement are not trying to keep an eye on those who are trying to access the dark web.

Always keep in mind that your deep web activities are tracked by the government agencies; don’t think you are fooling the whole world.

The Internet is not all that dark

In spite of the reputation the Dark Web holds, many people believe that there’s a lot more other stuff going on there apart from all the criminal activities taking place.

The dark net also comprises of journalists, military, law enforcement, plus the normal people. The type of people you want to bump into majorly depends on what you want human rights activists, to do there.

TOR is like a jewel for all the Chinese dissidents who do not have access to social media websites like Twitter. Not to mention, TOR became a precious program during the revolutionary Arab Spring.

The usage of TOR skyrocketed in bare minimum time. For instance, in Iran, the usage of TOR went from 7,000 users in 2010 to a whopping 40,000 users in just the next couple years.

In Syria, the number of people using TOR grew from 600 to 15,000 in just two years’ time.

TOR has been able to host some charitable events. The executive director of Tor is working with the victims of domestic abuse, as they need to correspond without being tracked by their victimizers.

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