Indian Women Who made IT Big Online

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Are you among those who feel technology and entrepreneurship is all just man\’s world? That is not only sexism but also a proof that you have no idea what the ladies of our generation is upto today. Time to wake up and smell the coffee women are coming out of their homes and playing with innovation in business and making huge moolahs and of course building a name for themselves. Here\’s raising a toast to all those lovely women who swim against the tide to come up as technopreneurs to change the world by inspiring many others to follow their footprints. Their success is worth celebrating twice over. Here is a list of 9 change-makers in the Indian tech startup scene, including some who have made it big and others who look full of promise in the days to come. They are young, they are talented and they are all set to smash the ceiling making it big on Online Startups.

Preeta Sukhtankar | The Label Corp :

Preeta Sukhtankar

Preeta Sukhtankar started The Label Corp to provide curated, rareto- find products to a niche audience who want a tasteful home. Her earlier stints in media and brand-building helped her to connect with celebrities and create three brands as part of The Label Corp: The Home Label with Suzanne Khan, The Closet Label with Malaika Arora Khan, and The Trunk Label with Bipasha Basu. She has an almost all-women team of creatively-driven minds birthed from varied backgrounds like magazines, fashion styling and fashion e-commerce – catering and conversing with the urbane Indian women. Founded in November 2012 The Label Corp is a destination for the working, independent Indian women wanting a carefully edited mix of clothing, accessories, home décor and much more. The refreshing editorial perspectives guide the customer in making informed choices and that\’s the hallmark of The Label Corp.

EX: Hello Preeta, tell us how The Label Corp is different from other e-stores. 
PS : The Label Corp consists of three private label brands across categories styled by our opinion leaders, curated on the basis of international and Indian trends, manufactured with love and then carefully editorially packaged for our consumer. I wouldn’t claim it’s all different I would just say it’s all very “us”.
EX: Being a woman entrepreneur in a country like India was it a hurdle or did it actually help you in your business?
PS : Honestly I dislike the differentiation and I’m no feminist. I’m perhaps an equalist. I don’t believe it\’s easier or tougher whatever your gender is. Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough regardless.
Ex: Which all celebs are associated with The Label Corp? Any break worth mentionable?
PS : We have thought-leaders at the helm of every category. We don’t choose “celebrities” but work with tastemakers – women who have been changeagents in their genres and for a length of time or longevity in their careers. Sussanne is exceptional given she also has a remarkable education and is skilled in her craft. Malaika has been a style icon for women across generations and Bipasha for us is the epitome of a strong independent woman who carved her own niche. All 3 are mirrors to the urbane Indian woman who is our customer and they serve as stylists to her taste. We have much more up our sleeve and will introduce more tastemakers for different categories as we scale. Watch us on Oct 1st for more details.
EX: Is Preeta into technology? Is she addicted to any particular gizmo?
PS : I read a lot and devour fiction but surprisingly never bought the Kindle because I simply love the touch and smell of paperbacks. That has recently changed, thanks to the wonderful Kindle app which is on my iPhone now. So yes, I am addicted to my iPhone.
EX : Where do you see The Label Corp after a decade or so?
PS : We want to be the one-stop signature lifestyle destination that the independent Indian woman looks at for all her desires across categories like home, fashion, beauty. We want to be the first real “masstige” retail brand this country’s woman has desired to have in her home.
EX: If I ask you to suggest one product to buy each from The Home Label, The Trunk Label and The Closet Label, which all will be your picks?
PS : Okay, that requires the vision of a typical modern woman and putting myself in her shoes, I pick these: Chalkboard Label Drinks Dispenser from The Home Label: This drinks dispenser is a unique gift as well as a must-have for that barbecue brunch. It is made of glass and steel fitting and has a capacity to hold upto 8 ltrs. So, fill in your favorite drinks and enjoy summers in style. Product link: http://www.thehomelabel.com/chalkboard-label-drinks-ispenser/product.html The Lana Brogue from The Trunk Label: This is one hand-crafted shoe which has been inspired by the men\’s style. This is shiny, ultra-chic and wearable with anything from cutoff shorts to dresses, skirts and more. Made up of rubber, silk and gold foil synthetic, this is what every woman go drooling who loves his man tall,dark and handsome. Product link:http://www.thetrunklabel.com/shoes/the-lana-brogue-9082/product.html Navy Shaping Swimsuit from The Closet Label: This one\’s for the fashionistas who want their pool parties in style.Expertly crafted, this navy swimsuit is flatteringly ruched and features removable cups for shaping and support. This stretch style navy swimsuit is engineered to deliver a beautiful sculpting and long-lasting fit. Product link:http://www.theclosetlabel.com/all-clothing/swimwear/navy-shaping-swimsuit/product.html

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    Its really good to see Indian women making in Digital World.

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