IIT alumnus,Parag Agrawal appointed as the new CTO of Twitter.

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According to the update on the social media platform, Twitter, Parag Agrawal is appointed as the new Chief Technology Officer.

Agrawal joined the microblogging site as an Ads Engineer in October 2011.He will be succeeding Adam Messinger who left the company in December 2016. Before joining Twitter Agrawal interned at Yahoo, Microsoft, and AT&T. Chief Operating Officer Anthony Noto resigned last month to join online lender Social Finance (SoFi) as CEO.

Parag Agrawal is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay (IIT-B).He completed his Ph.D. in computer science from Standford University in 2011.

Before being appointed as the Chief Technology Officer, Agrawal was recently given the title of Distinguished Software Engineer. His contributions include enhancing the use of artificial intelligence to increase the relevance of the tweets appearing in the user’s timelines.

In response to the recent increase in the number of complaints about the manipulated and abusive nature of the content uploaded and circulated on the micro-blogging site, the CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey acknowledged the issue and twitted in regards to the persisting problem.

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