HP SPECTRE 13 – Review

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The Spectacular Thinnest Ultrabook That Profoundly Outbeats The Rest

 Price : i7 SKU at ₹ 1,39,990/- Rating : 90/100 


The Hp Spectre 13 is a beauty as soon as it got out of the box. In fact, I couldn’t wait any longer as it grabbed my attention for the first time at the Mumbai International Airport. The feeling of seeing something really beautiful and you don’t have any adjectives to describe and you just get speechless is the exact same sensation I derived when I saw the Hp Spectre 13. I couldn’t deny that it is the most stylish ultrabook with golden hinges and a back, too, finishing it off with smooth black premium colour all around it. The artistic speaker grille is quite classy and something we haven’t seen in any other notebooks. Weirdly enough, it feels lighter like you aren’t holding anything at all although it weighs more than a kg. It isn’t a cheap affair and keeps the elegance intact. Hold it once in your hands and you will know the awe feeling!


The Intel Core i7 is like a spring for the Hp Spectre 13, which was tested with everyday browsing with multi tabs opened, one has to say this is a powerful machine as it just took 4 minutes to transfer a heavy 7GB file. It houses an isolated keyboard giving the fingers the cushion to type easily without any problems whatsoever and the backlit buttons lights up in the night so you can work at nights with comfort. The only reason is that it has the brightest screens at 300 nits, so you would view discernible colour shift from acute angles to give you an amazing viewing experience.Moreover, it is packed well with top of the line 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500 U chip that supports turbo speed up to 3.1GHz and with 8GB RAM bundled with 512GB SSD, one shouldn’t worry about the performance. It is built to impress. With Intel HD Graphics 520 card, gaming Dota was fun with 60fps. I didn’t come across a single moment of lag while playing games, watching movies, surfing the net, working or even while using social media. It is like a horse built to run fast and doesn’t seem to take a halt. The Bang and Olufsen audio was clearly hit a miss thing as it lacked the punch while playing on the loudspeaker. The speaker grilles besides the keyboard does provide all the clarity while listening to any audio or video file.


Everything is special about the Spectre 13 from being the thinnest laptop, weighing like a feather, for real. It sets the tone with the glass being well protected with Gorilla Glass 4 and the LED Backlit with full HD gives you vivid colours and crisp details on the viewing screen. What more could you ask for? Moreover, it feels like the ultrabook is geared up with NIOS always, with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD on the 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U, making sure it never runs short on performance. The Piston hinge design and Hyperbaric cooling technology is just the icing on the cake.


With top notch specs and impressive design, these are the sort of indulgencies you should invest in without giving it a second thought. It isn’t traditional and uses USB Type C port for charging and transfering content. The battery life falls short and if you can compromise on both of the things, then, “Go buy it, period!”



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