HowTo Privately Save Stuff On WhatsApp

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I have two easy techniques which will help you in saving your private data on WhatsApp if you don’t want to take the trouble downloading a proper app that saves your private data or text. This is mostly for saving stuff from WhatsApp but on your chat and not on other person’s conversation. If you want to not bookmark a message in a conversation but save it somewhere you can access it. Here are the two things you can do to use WhatsApp for saving things on its server:

1. Creating a Group

  • Open your WhatsApp, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the app on the right side of the magnifying glass that lets you search conversations and contacts in your WhatsApp chat.

  • When you select the three dots, the first option will be of “New group”, it will ask you to “Add participants” in it, just add any one of your friend in your group and then tap on the arrow on the bottom right of your screen. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any friends or someone who doesn’t want to bother their friends, you can even add your spare number in the group. That will also help you when you change your phone, your whole private data will be transferred on your new phone, provided you have allowed WhatsApp to backup your conversations.

  • Select a name for your group. The group will be created. Since this is only to save your private stuff on WhatsApp, all you have to do is now remove your “friend” from the group. Tap on the group that you’ve created. Tap on your friend’s name and choose “Remove Shintu” from the group.

  • Now, you will only have your own contact in the group, unless you do not add anybody else in the group. Post any conversation, video, text, file, image, and you can utilize it like any other group. All the data will be saved on WhatsApp.


2. Saving your name

  • Open your WhatsApp, click on contacts which will be there on the bottom right of WhatsApp and tap on “New contact”. Add your name, and save your mobile number which you are using to operate WhatsApp. Save only that specific number or it will not work.

  • Now when you’re done saving that number, just scroll down and you will find a WhatsApp icon, tap on it and select Message “+919xxx1x000x”, it will open a box where a chat will open.


  • You can now send anything on that chat as it will be only between yourself, although you will get read receipts, i.e., the blue ticks for the messages that you will send.

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