How to stay safe on Pokemon Go?

Just like you, I’m an insane fanatic of Pokemon, right from school days to watching it on TV, collecting characters and so forth. Now, out of nowhere a game is known as Pokemon Go, which is up for grabs and is still in its initial phase. The buzz is so crazy that we all want to download it and play it, no matter how old or young we are. Don’t be startled as people will switch on to the streets to play the game rather than being stuck on social media.What is Pokemon Go exactly?Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, mixing real-world elements with the game. The goal is to catch them all, as the slogan suggests. It uses your phone’s GPS and clock to decide which Pokemon appears in the game.Why is it buzzing?Although relatively new it’s fun and exciting to play, but what makes it catchy is that it’s free to download and is the first big augmented reality game. Furthermore, it gives you a feeling of nostalgia especially for those who are born in the 90’s.What is the flipside?The mobile game has become a global sensation, but with such huge success in a short amount of time, grabs the attention of bad guys like scammers and attackers. According to new Symantec research, cyber criminals have found a number of ways to trick and scam Pokemon Go players while on their quest to become Pokemon masters from free PokeCoin scams and fake versions of the mobile game, there are a handful of risks that players should be aware of.How to play the game and still stay safe and away from cyber attackers?Avoid downloading Pokemon Go from hazardous links, as attackers find that as open source to deliver malware on your phoneInstall the Pokemon Go update regularly that removes the request for full access to Google accountsStay away from game-cheating tools, as they could be fraudulent or may contain malwareKeep your smartphone’s firmware updated to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploitedUse strong and unique passwords for your Pokemon Go accountPay close attention to the permissions that apps requestInstall any reliable mobile security app, such as Norton for instance or what you feel is the best when it comes to privacy.



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