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How to Hide Who You’re Stalking on Instagram?

Instagram and Stalking go hand-in-hand. Stalking people is almost everyone’s hobby! What’s the purpose of Instagram if you are not stalking people? It’s okay – we all do it! You might try pretending that you use this site only for your high-filtered foodgasm photos. But, once you open the app and check the feed, your fingers start twitching for searching people you want to know more about. Even if it’s wrong, but it feels so good, right?! You open the app, type in a name, click on the search icon and delve deep into that particular profile. Also, stay clear of accidentally double tapping a photo! Lol!

However, there’s one more problem with your stalking habits other than the dreaded accidental double-tapping. If someone checks your phone and open the Instagram app, they’ll be able to find out who you are stalking day and night. The last thing you want anyone to know is what a creepy stalker you really are. So, before that tragedy happens, let’s learn how to hide who you are stalking on Instagram.

Clear Search History

 The very first thing you should do is clear the search history. You might not be aware of this thing, but it’s quite easy to do. Don’t worry; I’ll explain exactly what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Go to the gear on iPhone or three dotted lines on Android
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Clear Search History”

When you do this, it will clear your search history temporarily, which means that if you search for the same account or hashtag, then it will reappear in your history. However, after clearing the search history, you won’t get suggested searches depending on the person you’ve been stalking previously. And, maybe, just maybe, I think that’s a good thing! If you know what I mean!

Hide Suggested Accounts

If you’re really obsessed with someone and constantly checking out their profile, you might have noticed the worrying suggested accounts trend. Even if you click on the search option, that particular account will be suggested on top. Busted!

Now, I’m going to tell you a way out for this issue. Say hello to the ‘Hide’ button! Trust me, it’s a hidden gem. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to the Search bar
  2. Long tap on the search suggestion
  3. Tap Hide

Once you’ve tapped on Hide, you won’t get that suggestion ever again. So, basically in future if anyone gets hold of your Smartphone, they won’t find out who you’re obsessed stalking on Instagram. Phew! Such a relief!

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