HDFC Mobile Banking App Shuts Down Temporarily Within Hours Of Being Launched.

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Mobile Banking is an integral part of our life and the mobile banking apps have been specifically designed to make everyday transaction easier. HDFC, one of the world’s leading Banking services had recently launched an upgraded and much more sophisticated version of their net banking operations. However, within days of its launch, the Banking giant had to shut down the app operation and remove it from both the Play Store and Apple Store.


Days after its launch, numerous complaints from the users began to pour in about severe logging in issues. The newer version design team immediately decided to take down the app from both Play Store and Apple store. A formal statement was issued through their verified Twitter handle regarding the issue. According to the HDFC public relations, the team handling the newer version of the app is busy rectifying the issues and correcting them. As soon as the issues are resolved, the app will be launched once again.

The users using the previous versions on their smartphones can continue using it without any problem. However users who had deleted their older HDFC application to make way for the installation of the latest version have to wait for some time before they can actually use it.

HDFC team has assured that this will not affect the day to day transactions because users can easily do all the necessary monetary exchanges using various other gateways linked to their HDFC account like Payzapp, Paytm, Phone Banking, Google Pay etc.

The new version that was launched had some extremely advanced features and adds on. Special facial recognition technologies were created for Apple Store specifically. The security features of the newer version was designed to be extremely secure and definitely theft proof. However since shutting down operation temporarily, no news for re-launch has yet been confirmed.

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