Grand Theft Auto V

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First Impression

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 smashed a lot of gaming records in 2013. Therefore, GTA V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had big shoes to fill. Re-releases like Sleeping Dogs and Diablo 3, didn\’t do quite well earlier in 2014. However, this remastered game is different. GTA V has been polished really well.


GTA-V-trevor_atvLos Santos is back. The fictional city in the state of San Andreas inspired by Los Angeles is buzzing with sleek cars and chaotic people. In this vast city, you switch between lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is an ex-con man trying to escape his criminal past life. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter, who take

turns to get into a dispute with him. Franklin is a small time goon trying to get that big job which will establish him in the criminal world. Trevor is a psychopath and is clearly the loudest and weirdest of the lot. Players can switch between these three characters easily. Heist missions are the most satisfying. They need planning, preparation and perfect execution. You can choose to be aggressive or subtle. Also, GTA V is one of the few games where driving is really pleasurable.

The city of Los Santos is vast, and as expected, it looks more spectacular than the city on older generation consoles. The power of new generation consoles ensures that Los Santos and Blaine County are well depicted. The traffic is denser, the countryside is greener. The city consists of every character that you would come across in real life. From Vinewood to Vespucci Beach, Rockstar has brilliantly created a city of unique individuals. Visually, GTA V is easily the best remastered game. Every frame is bright, sharp and pristine. Add to it, the impressive weather system.

The most talked about feature of this game was the First-person mode. I have to admit, Rockstar hasn\’t put a foot wrong with that. I am a big fan of First-person games and GTA V hasn\’t disappointed. Rockstar has added to the texture quality. They have also added thousands of animations like weapon reloads. Those are the biggest reasons why the First-person is flawless.

GTA Online is another feature which makes GTA V worthwhile. You create and develop your own character. The Online Feature gives you complete freedom to customise the character. Now you can have 30 players running around in free-roam mode. All in all, it is a massive open world with complete liberty.


GTA V has truly capitalised on the power of new generation consoles. Rockstar has taken time to create one of the best remastered games. If you own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto V is highly recommended. With the massive open world and Online Feature, you will never have a dull moment.

Rating 5/5

Price ₹ 3,499/-for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Publisher Rockstar Games  | Platforms PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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