Got a bratty kid at home?

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Worry not, Amazon will replace this tablet if your kid breaks it!

Kids will always remain kids. They break and tear and ruin all kinds of things. That’s what they are meant to do. When children aren’t on a heist of breaking stuff, they’re either busy coloring them, getting them sticky, or feeding them to the dog.

The popular Fire tablets from Amazon have been updated this year, so they’re thinner, lighter, and have a longer battery life. This same sort of package is inclusive of their Kids Edition tablet, which is a game-changer for parents. The Kids Edition of this same tablet is not supposed to be mistaken as toy. This tablet is a fully functional Fire tablet that offers a durable “kid-proof” case as well.

The Fire Kids Edition will offer you a free year of their subscription service. Moreover, the gadget also offers a lot of child-friendly material. Free-Time unlimited allows parents to set all sorts of time limits, including bedtimes. The Learn First feature is also capable of blocking access to videos and games until academic prerequisites are made.

The best part about this deal, though, is its Amazon two-year worry-free guarantee. If, by any chance, your tablet breaks within two years, Amazon will replace it without asking any questions asked. It is important to return the broken tablet, though, because if you lose it, you won’t get anything replaced.

This is how it works: Amazon only wants you to use its products so that you’ll buy more stuff using them. This is their little secret behind their business model. So this might look like a move to allure you to keep paying for all sorts of subscription services and apps. However, this is also a way to allow your tech-savvy kids to discover technology without you worrying that they’ll break your precious gadgets.

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