Google Yet Again Removes Malware from Play Store

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Google Removes Malware from the Play Store!

Malware is spreading like a plague on the Play Store and it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Infected apps are getting detected on a frequent basis. Thanks to the Google Play protect security feature, it has come up with a malware that manages to deal with any kind of substantial damage caused. A recent analysis has proved that Google Play Store really needs a two-stage infection process because we used to have malware filters. But, it can still be easily downloaded in the Play Store using some new approach.

According to the company, “The first stage found by Google Play Protect was distributed through several channels, including Google Play, and typically impersonated an innocuous-sounding app such as a ‘Backup’ or ‘Cleaner’ app.”

“Upon installation, Lipizzan would download and load a second ‘license verification’ stage, which would survey the infected device and validate certain abort criteria. If given the all-clear, the second stage would then root the device with known exploits and begin to exfiltrate device data to a Command & Control server.”

When the device got infected, the spyware was able enough for recording calls and even sound from the phone’s microphone. Along with this, the device had the ability to take screenshots and pictures, tracking the location, and fetching device’s information. Also, user details like calls, app data, and their text messages. This latest spyware could also target social networking applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Skype.

According to the company, almost less than 100 devices were infected which makes a percentage of 0.000007% Android devices. It has removed the infection really well and also complete with the help of Google Play Protect. Not only this, it can also block the install on all the other devices, simultaneously.

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