Google Search Can Reveal Your Darkest, Deepest Mysteries

Google search
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Beware, all your online shenanigans can come to notice, as your personal research on Google is capable of unveiling your darkest secrets.

We all know that none of our secrets are safe. There is no absolutely credible source available to bury our deepest belief. Top class intelligence agencies have access to all our activities, especially the online trail. You will be surprised to know that we can learn so many things about ourselves from the things we navigate to online! Researchers have successfully uncovered alarming truths about people’s desires, beliefs, and prejudices.

We are surrounded by lies, everywhere! People lie about how many drinks they have had. People lie about how often they go to the gym. They certainly lie about how much those new shoes cost. They lie about the kind of books they read. And they lie about many more things.

  • Have you ever cheated on an exam?
  • Have you ever fantasized about killing someone?
  • Were you tempted to lie?

Stephens-Davidowitz is a former data scientist at Google. He has spent the last four years analyzing the Internet search data. In addition to anonymously researching Google, he has also researched over Facebook profiles. Additionally, Davidowitz has done a complete, anonymous, search on the video data from the popular porn site, PornHub.

His findings on the Internet search data can be as good as the Holy Grail when it comes to understanding the true nature of humanity. “I am now convinced,” he writes, “that Google searches are the most important data set ever collected on the human psyche.”

Do you ever wonder how it is possible to naturalize what our fellow human beings are really thinking and doing? The final answer is Big data. Certain online gears convince people to admit things they would never admit anywhere else. These online sources serve as the ultimate wired truth serum. The best example for this is Google searches. Consider all the circumstances that allow people to be more honest and open. Is the revelation going to be online? Yes, it will be. Does the person need to be totally private? Of course, yes. Will there be any person to oversee the questions? No, there will be complete anonymity.

What makes Google data so powerful is the fact that people tell this gigantic search engine things they might never be able to tell anyone else. The main purpose behind creating Google was so that people could learn more and more about the world. The giant wasn’t built so that researchers could learn about people. Apparently, though, the footsteps that we leave as we inquire about knowledge on the internet are very conceding, way more than they should be.

Davidowitz has spent the past four years of his life in anonymously analyzing Google data. The discovery has kept on coming—mental illness, human sexuality, abortion, religion, and health. These are not small topics, rather they are sensitive topics. And this dataset, which wasn’t existential a couple of decades ago, presented shockingly new attitudes on all of them. We can now be convinced that Google searches are the most important dataset ever gathered for the research on the complex human psyche.

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