Google Maps: How To Get The Best Of It?

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Google Maps have become an inevitable part of our lives. It has really made navigation seamless and convenient. Those of you, who need to commute a lot always look up to Google Maps and it keeps getting better.

To tell you the truth, Google Maps has a lot of amazing features and a lot of you, are not even aware of that. Well, what are we here for?! We are listing down for you, some amazing Google Maps tricks that will make your life easier.

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1. Create your own Google Map

You can use this feature if you are planning a trip with your closed ones, or you want to guide your parents or kids. In Google Maps, you can create custom maps with all the essential set of information like directions, routes, points of interests, and a lot more. To do this, open Google My Maps in your browser on the computer and log into your Google account. Further, follow the tutorial for creating your own map.

2. Add direction for more than one location

Let’s assume that you have to collect something on the way to your office. In that situation, you can add multiple stops on your journey and then get the direction and ETA together. For using this feature, you can set the direction from point A to point B. After that, click on the three horizontal dots located on the top right corner of the maps and click on ‘Add stop’ option. If you have to visit more than one place on your way to work, you can add more stops in the same way.

3. Save the location where you park the vehicle 

If you are a forgetful person, this will really help you. In Google Maps, you can save your parking location by manually pinning it. It can also detect your parking location and save it for you on the basis of your location settings. After you park the vehicle, you just have to tap on the blue dot and select the option ‘Save your parking’. It will then be marked on the map. However, the easier way is also asking your Google Assistant to do that.

4. Voice commands while driving

Trust me, it is a very safe habit if you like using voice commands while driving. All you have do is, simply click on the microphone icon at the top right for saying your command. For example, if you want to know the ETA, you can say ‘show my ETA’ for getting an update on your estimated time of reaching your destination.

5. Label your most favourite places

Everyone likes to go to a certain place time and again. These places are something that we always want to remember. It can be anything from a shop, a friend’s place in a restaurant. If this is the case for you as well, you can make custom labels and then assign them to that location on the Maps. This will help you save the effort of typing the whole damn address every time you are planning to visit that place. You can long press on the screen for adding a pin to your maps and then click on the bottom and then Save option for assigning it to the label.

6. Offline maps

Did you know that you can download a section of a map on the Google Maps?! You can use any of your old smartphones as a GPS for your vehicle. The app will provide a horizontal selection tool on the Offline Maps section. It will also give you are a notification about the amount of space that is getting used. The downloaded map will get automatically updated whenever it’s connected to the internet.

7. Set your default address

Once you have downloaded offline maps, let us give you a gist on how to smartly get benefitted from that. To begin, first, you have to set up the basics like your work and home address. There are two benefits of adding the address. First is, it will help you in starting the navigation quickly. And, the second benefit is that while you’re at work, you will be notified by alerts about the traffic conditions on the way back home.

8. Single-handed zoom

You must have experienced it that it gets really difficult if you try to zoom in on the map while navigating. To solve this, double tapping on the section of the map that you want to check will automatically zoom into the map. However, you have remembered that your thumbs should be on the screen if you want to double tap again on the screen. In this way, you will be able to manually zoom in and out of a selected area on the Google Map.

9. Track your own movements

Not able to remember the name and location of a place you’ve been previously? Don’t worry! The Google Maps contains a history of all your movements and has an option of Timeline. It can show you the places you’ve been to before and what exact route you took to reach your destination. This also means that you can even delete the data that maps might have recorded incorrectly.

10. Earn by becoming a Local Guide

Google is now paying users for their time to give feedback or submitting surveys which are known as Google Rewards. The same thing is also there on Google Maps in the name of ‘Local Guides’. You just have to sign up for the rewards programme, and then add details of your locality like updating about missing shops, or writing reviews about different restaurants. You can also post pictures and earn from the app for giving your inputs.

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