Google Maps Draws Motorcycle Mode in India to Show Navigation Routes for Two Wheelers

Google Maps
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For Google, the Indian market is a big area to focus on. And it finally appears so that the brand new functionality in Google Maps is a signal of the same. You can see the new Motorcycle mode or Two-Wheeler mode in the latest version of Google Maps (v9.67.1), which is available for Android. You can spot this new mode next to the different alternatives for Car, Foot, and Train. You can take a look at the new mode on Android’s latest app version.

This latest functionality was first discovered through a series of screenshots taken by an avid Google Maps user in India. The screenshots showed that the brand new Motorcycle mode has been added to help everyone using two-wheelers in the country to find the route that is best suitable for their vehicles. It was wise of Google to unveil such a product in India, because as a substantial section of the country’s workforce makes use of motorbikes for traveling. The country has plenty of such roads that are not wide enough for a larger vehicles to fit in.

Certain reports further allege the appearance of such mode is only visible for Indian users. Thus, India is the first country to utilize this brand new feature from Google. Just recently the Google CEO Sundar Pichai commented how India is playing a very vital role in enhancing Google Maps and various other Google products.

This latest program is quite intuitive in itself. The latest update is capable of informing the bikers about all possible road closures that may come in their way. Moreover, the app also gives information about the parking lots available at the destination, which is a commendable feature that was only present in the car mode.

As per certain researches, the Motorcycle Mode has been visible in the source code for some of the preceding versions of Google Maps, but this is the first time that we can see it go live with the newest version.

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