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This year’s Google IO was a ticket to an action packed week with Android N, Daydream VR, Google Home, Allo, Duo, Android Wear 2.0 and much more. While the attention was towards Android N, the tech community was in for a surprise treat to what Google had to offer. The largest search engine proved it again, that whatever we are looking for, comes to us within no time when we least expect it. You could say the timing is right. This year, the announcements came thick and fast but many were not quite ready for general demoing or product release, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see them in action. In the meantime, here’s a brief summary of all the major announcements made during Google I/O 2016. Let’s hope Google doesn’t make us wait for longer period.

030212-google-assistant-500x300Google Assistant  Personal AL and the next generation of searchIt will provide suggestions, more like predicting what you might typically reply in a message thread. It lets users ask queries, as they would do so in the search engine. Siri has a sibling from another mother, finally. Earlier, it was complicated and wasn’t friendly, but now the Assistant has just got smarter and will change the way we search for things on Google. It will pick up and take it ahead from one question that is asked without skipping a beat.

Android-N (1)Android N – Still Nameless?

Google isn’t sure what to name Android N, so it’s open for suggestions for people to submit names  starting precisely with the alphabet N. Android N is also getting improvements on the graphics and runtime performance front, security enhancements  and easier multi-tasking. A full version of Android N will be available to everyone later this summer.

Google Home  The talking virtual assistantAmazon Echo’s competitor, Google Home is ready to go head to head. It will act as a core to Google Assistant. The voice integrated home speaker will offer live streaming and casting, as well. It will connect all your home devices and will work on your command, without any wires. Moreover, you will have full control over all your smart devices at home. It comes without any physical buttons and will aid in booking an Uber cab or reserving a table in a restaurant. The creepy virtual assistant comes with a flipside, as it will gradually pick all your habits and tailor all your demands.

Google-Now-Allows-Developers-to-Port-any-Android-App-to-Chrome-OS-477279-3Android Apps coming to Chrome OS – Android Apps shakes hands with Chrome OS!

Chrome OS will be folded into Android. Since, Chrome is one of the popular OS all over the world. The wheels are set in motion to bring the best of each platform to one another. Google finally announces that Android Apps will merge with Chrome OS, adding a million new apps apart from the apps that will be available for Chrome OS users.

AW-640x320Android Wear 2.0  The next generation of wearable’sThe Android Wear 2.0 steals the show with standout features stating it can function on standalone apps. What it implies is that, you no longer need a smartphone paired to your wearable, but you would need internet connection sourcing from cellular or Wi-Fi. A sim equipped smartwatch is a mandate though. Google will let apps to talk to one another, improved watch faces, keyboard, hand writing recognition and general interface revamped.

alloduo-1Google Allo and Duo – The smart video calling and chating apps of tomorrow

Allo is smart messaging app while Duo is a video app. Allo comes with nifty features like being able to slide the “send” arrow up or down to “shout” or “whisper” your reply and predictive responses. It comes with smart replies which it picks up over time based on your conversations. With end to end encryption, it comes with private mode and deletes the chat once the chat is closed. The bot support with the help of an assistant will let you book or reserve a table without even opening the Allo app.

Duo will change the way we do video calling. Probably, you thought nothing you could beat Truecaller. You will be notified who is calling and from where the unknown caller is calling from, obviously before you pick the call with the feature Knock Knock.

tec-06-01-16-virtual-reality-illoGoogle Daydream VR Ecosystem – Daydream with VR experienceDaydream is an optimized virtual reality platform that aims to standardize the mobile-based VR experience. It also spans both software and hardware. Google is making a reference design for a VR headset and a controller, and it’ll sell them directly beginning in the late summer. 

3060040-inline-i-1-instant-appsInstant Apps – Run apps without downloading them

Users can begin using an app instantly from right within the Google Play store without even having to download and install the app. For instance, you like a precisely something on Flipkart it will take you to the web version or will prompt to download the app. Instant apps lets you run flipkart without opening the web version and without even downloading the app. Isn’t that a great move of not to move to app or web version?

Android-Auto-logoAndroid Auto – Android connects with the car

Android Auto will be dedicated towards turning the automotive product into a smartphone app. It will offer infotainment system, as well as voice control updates and more third party apps which will be added to platform. 

To sum it up, Google have included a mix bag with all its announcements. They haven’t just nailed it, but will give its friendly competitors something to wonder about. The new developments will change the way we are living.



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