Google I/O 2017 Keynote biggest announcements

google io 2017

The Google I/O 2017 keynote is all wrapped up, there was tons of news and announcements from Google, and we know it is hard to keep up. So let’s take a look at most important takeaways from today’s I/O keynote.

Android cross over 2 billion monthly active devices


Sundar Pichai revealed its monthly active Android devices now exceeds 2 billion. Those includes smartphones,
Android wear, tablets, Android TV’s and many other products based on Android operating systems.

Google Lens can detect the objects


Google lens analyze the world around you and detect the object and places through a smartphone camera. The Google lens can display rating when pointing the phone at the storefront or aim it at a flower and it will detect the
name as well as species, or even you can get information about band music or videos by pointing the lens at the
concert poster. Even you can scan the label of wifi router and connect immediately.

Google assistant released for iOS devices


Google assistant now supported iOS devices. Google Assistant will be a standalone app for iPhone and iPad to
offer the same feature as it is on Android devices. The google assistant app is currently available in Apple Store.

Google Home turns phone

In the coming months, Google Home users can make Free calls all over the United States and Canada. By default,
google will use a private number for calling, but it can be changed to your own mobile or any landline number.


Google Home becomes more useful

Google Home was already a smart speaker, but now Google has added more features to make it more powerful.
Google Home can now control HBO Now, Hulu, SoundCloud, Deezer, and more. Google Home can even connect to any other home’s Bluetooth speakers.

Google photos adds books and easy sharing

Google Photos has got some new features. The app can now recommend people to whom we can share the photos by
recognizing the people from the shot. google calls this as suggested sharing. Google photos also introduced
shared libraries that allow families to add images to a common collection more easily. Google now offers
printed photo books. It is available for prices starting at only $9.99.

Android O Beta available


Google has launched its first beta preview program for Android O. Before it was in an Alpha stage with bugs.
Currently, it is now available in a beta version with better stability. It is still not recommended to use Android O beta on your primary device. Android O Beta has added new features including improved notifications, picture-in-picture, and more. Currently Android O beta is compatible with Pixel or Nexus devices.

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