Google Earth to get revamped – Facts, rumours and speculations


A few months back, we got to know that the search giant is building a new Google Earth app with most advanced features in it. This new version of Google Earth is going to be launched today, 18 th April 2017, at 6 PM IST during an Earth Day event which will be held at Whitney Museum of Art in New York City.

Google has sent invitations for an Earth Day-themed event to be held at Whitney Museum of Art in New York City.

This new version of the app is expected to replace the company’s old Maps app. Everyone are expecting the revamped Google Earth to offer them with the features which were missed out in an earlier version. It is said that this new app will include functionalities like traffic reports and local listings etc.

For those who don’t know what Google earth is, it is a geo-browser which accesses satellite and geographical data over the internet and represents the same in a three-dimensional globe. Google Earth is a virtual globe that allows users to trawl satellite images of the planet’s surface. It uses image resolutions that range between 15m to 15cm. One can search any area on the earth through Google Earth.

It gives us a clear view of how earth looks like naturally. It even allows you to search some places, and lets you pan, zoom, rotate and tilt the Earth. Not just this, it even provides a link to Wikipedia articles about places of interest. Another interesting thing to be noted is, even the apps like Google Map includes some features of Google Earth.

Speculations and rumours are high and we truly expect these as “brand new experiences” in revamped Google Earth:

1. It Could Replace Google Maps

One of the biggest rumors is that the new Google Earth could completely take the place of Google Maps, maybe because some functions of the two services overlap. Mapping on Google Earth could be an improvement over Google Maps in that you’d be using realistic-looking terrain and visual landmarks.

2. Google Earth Could Connect with Virtual Reality

In November, Google Earth launched a free virtual reality (VR) component that was an immediate success. It’s currently available only on the HTC Vive VR headset, so folks want to see it move to more headsets, including Google’s own Daydream. Google also might add more locations to its VR offerings; right now you can tour places like the Grand Canyon and the Amazon River, but wouldn’t it be amazing to go to the pyramids? Check out polar ice caps? Explore the Great Barrier Reef from underwater?! Google could be dreaming up any number of cool additions.

3. Google Earth Could Add Live Video

A follow up to the VR tours of famous sites could be live video feeds of popular locations. Imagine a feed of Times Square or Morocco’s Djemaa El-Fna.

4. Google Earth Could Cover More Parts of the Earth

Google Earth’s coverage of areas outside of the United States, particularly non-Western and rural areas, is noticeably inferior. A remote village in the U.S. will appear clearer and in greater detail than a village in India. Maybe Google will try to remedy this disparity so that Google Earth can be equally useful for all citizens of the world.

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