Google Assistant for iPhone Rolls out to India and Other Countries

Google Assistant
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Google Assistant for iPhone has now rolled out to India, the UK, Germany, and France. It has happened months after launching it in the United States. This latest news was announced on Saturday by Google. If we go by the reports, the users were unable to assign Google Assistant to the Home Button for replacing Siri. However, they can easily add the Google Assistant widget. Now, with the same limitations as the users reported, it has been launched in India as well.

Google’s search smarts are utilized by Google Assistant which helps you find whatever you want much faster. According to the company, this app is designed for operating on devices running iOS 9.1 and above. This means it will cover most of the iPhone and iPad. On the App Store, this app is listed for supporting German, Portuguese, French and Japanese. The app is now available in the UK and India on the iTunes app confirming the country’s availability.

Assistant widget is also offered by the tech giants which can be easily accessed through the widget panel of the notification center of Apple. It serves as the next best option to have an available Assistant from anywhere in iOS. The iPhone app was reviewed in May when it was launched. This was then noted that this app can do a lot of things like providing answers, initiating calls, playing games, fetching the sports scores, setting timers, locking up stock prices, searching nearby places, getting definition of a word, getting the flight status, fixing the meeting, checking the nutrition in food, surfing news, and much more.

However, owing to the baked-in restrictions of Apple, there are a lot of things that you can’t do. For example, it can’t talk to other apps like Siri does. This makes it clear that Assistant will always be more beneficial for Android users with its deeper integration. The Siri will obviously get more priority on iPhone in this case and the Google Assistant will hang around on Apple’s turf but might not become its true home. During the starting of this year, Google said its voice powered digital assistant is available on more than 100 Million phones.

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