Get your life together like an adult

Get your life together like an adult
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Whether you’re a control freak or an outright hoarder, there’s a good chance that somewhere in your life, you need some quality stuff organized in order to step up your capacity. No matter how meticulous you are, you ought to have a bad habit or two where you’re trying to stop misplacing your keys, or maybe you have finally taken out time to fix your messy wardrobe.

Whatever your controlling needs are, you are reading the perfect stuff for it. Down here, we have brought together some amazing tools that can help you fixate your life to make you more efficient, and of course, to get your shit together like the adult that you are.


Your phone mostly only plays the role of being a distraction when you’re trying to sort your stuff out, isn’t it? However, if you use it right, your mobile can be really helpful in your crusade to organize your life. All you have to do is log out of your Facebook and download something productive, alright?

>> Carrot bundle

CARROT is a brutal A.I. prefab that functions on a very simple goal. The app only wants to rebuild you into an efficient representative of the human society. If you complete your tasks on the Carrot, the app will unlock some cool mini-games and animations. However, if your tasks remain unfinished, the app will yell at you. The bundle constitutes a to-do list. It further has a weather and a workout app, along with a sticker pack.

>> Forest

As perplexing as it may sound, if you’re steadily being disturbed by your own mobile phone whenever you have urgent task at hand, then Forest is the app that you need. Tap onto the app when you think you need to be fully focused. You can set a timer, and the moment you do that, a little tree will start to grow. If you leave the app before the your timer finishes, then the tree will get killed, and you’ve worked so hard to plant and nurture it so…

>> Evernote

Evernote is a one-of-its-kind app, for it has successfully paved its way to the top of Apple’s productivity charts, and all for good reasons. The app will synchronize your to-do lists, saved articles,your notes, and scanned documents across several devices. So by using Evernote, you will never have to run back to the office or saunter across various chambers because you have saved your hard work in some other device, which you need to retrieve.

If you haven’t fully made the leap to the digital era yet, then there are plenty of physical notebooks and planners that can help keep to you on track.


We have brought together some amazing tools that can help you fixate your life to make you more efficient, and of course, to get your shit together like the adult that you are. ”


Mindful notebook

The Mindful Notebook, as the name suggests, consists of a black leather diary. This little fairy tale piece is solely designed so that your mornings come out fresh and optimistic. The diary will help you keep your mornings right by establishing a daily practice of always being grateful. This exquisitely minimalist notebook will help you in staying down to earth in your daily life, which you will accomplish by being thankful everyday along with a motivational quote.

>> Panda Planner

The Panda Planner is pretty close to a typical calendar. However, what separates it from a typical calendar is that it also offers a set of programs that will help you to stay organized. Panda Planner is somewhat like a Mindful Notebook. The app has a requital kind of a journal. You can also have check-ins on it for your daily, weekly, as well as monthly goals. It also offers to-do lists and space to work on forming healthy habits.

>> TrackR

If you are one of those who keep on losing your bunch of keys or have the unrelenting tendency of forgetting your wallets in the public transport or any personal vehicle, then TrackR is just made for you. It uses a GPS locator, which connects to your smartphone. This will let you know where you have left your collectibles. To add, the device also allows you to make a distinctively loud alarm go off on the gadget. This functionality is perfect for the times when you get your remote lost somewhere in the couch.

>> planner planners are especially prominent with the younger generation, because the app provides some quality creatives along with tirelessly optimistic graphics. This planner is pretty promising, and it is just perfect for a life-term sort of a planning. That is, if you aren’t exactly into keeping tabs on every hour of your day, but you’d still like to know how your year is shaping up.

>> The Container Store

If you find yourself getting scattered everywhere you go and you can’t bring yourself to get your shit together, then the least you can do is make sure how organized your garbage can be. The Container Store is going to become your BFF. This place will provide you with organizers for each and every nook and corner of your house.

>> Fitness tracker

If you’re the few of those who aren’t yet a fitness tracker freak, then there’s nothing that would please you and make you feel more productive than when you get a ping stating that you’ve completed your 10,000 steps for your day. So it is time you immediately start using it!

>> Sleep tech

After reading everyday an article on what wonders power naps can do for you, it should have been hammered into your mind by now just how important it is for you to have a proper sleep in order to be more productive in life. We would personally like to suggest you the Sense Sleep System. The device is as pleasing and as simple as it is utilitarian.


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