The first 7 iPhone augmented reality apps

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How Augmented Reality is controlled?

A touch pad or voice command is the key to control the augmented reality devices. The touch pads are also placed on the device in such a way that it is seamlessly reachable. It senses the pressure changes which occur whenever a user taps or swipes a specific spot. Voice commands work just like they work for your smartphones. This means, a small microphone placed on the device will pick up your voice. After that, a microprocessor interprets the commands. Google Glass augmented reality device is one such voice command which has been programmed from a list of commands which can be easily used. While using Google Glass, almost everyone starts with “OK, Glass”. This sends an alert to the glasses that a command has to be followed soon.

There’s been a lot of noise about the Virtual Reality. That’s where people put on heavy and expensive goggle type headsets and see a simulated world around them. It’s considered great for playing games but somehow I feel its super isolating. If you ask me, Augmented Reality is a bigger deal. That’s because in AR, you can still see the real world with some superimposed graphics on it. With your movement, the angles, sizes and distances also change in real time as if they really do exist.

Previously this year, Apple highlighted AR by releasing ARKit. This ARKit is a set of tools for software companies which make things easier in developing Augmented Reality apps. Using these kits, Ikea just took 10 weeks to come up with Ikea Place. Ikea Place is an app that enables you to try Ikea furniture in your home and try it in different angles. Ikea’s Director of digital transformation, Michael Valdsgaard said, “Apple has solved things from both a software point of view and a hardware point of view, so they have the full spectrum. Nobody else has that.” Apple recently announced iOS 11 which is now required for using all the latest AR apps making iPhone the most significant Augmented Reality platform on the planet. Now, the AR apps are reaching the app store. I’m listing the most prominent 7 AR apps for iPhone below:

Google Glass augmented reality device is one such voice command which has been programmed from a list of commands which can be easily used.


01. Very Hungry Caterpillar

Very Hungry Caterpillar is a kid’s book character which has been made animated which crawls through your real world. You can watch him hatch and getting bigger, feed food to him and even see him changing into a butterfly.

02. Ikea Place (free)

Ikea Place displays a catalogue of all the living room furniture. Ikea’s Director, Mr. Valdsgaard said, “We know that people often struggle. They don’t know if they’re picking the right color, the right style. It’s an investment, so most people postpone the purchasing decision because they’re not 100 percent confident. We’ve focused on the living-room setting, which is where we think people need the most help, at the earliest.” All you have to do is to tap on the furniture you want, then pick a color and then click on the iPhone screen for plopping it down to the floor.

After that, you can easily use your fingers to rotate, twist or move it around according to your preference. However, it doesn’t look that real, and some of the furniture look computer generated. Even the fabric and leather can’t be trusted with what it looks in the AR app. The metal and wood surface looks more believable. It is somewhere between a useful tool and a fascinating experiment as the angle, size and smoothness in the movement looks very authentic.


03. Porsche AR – Imagine (free)

In my opinion, this app is pure genius because it enables you to witness the exact $90,000 priced, Porsche Boxter convertible would look like in real life. This app lets you move your iPhone around a bit by offering you three different Porsche models. You can click on it to drop where you want it. After you do all this, you get to see a cherry-red, spotless, shiny, detailed car in full size. You can lean over to look inside it, walk around it, stick your foot or hand beneath the body and do all such believable stuff.

There are four big + buttons below which opens a side panel. It lets you change the car model, hubcap style, interior color, and body color of the car. People are even more prone to buy Ikea furniture than Porches, this app is definitely an amazing AR demo which will blow your mind.

Porsche AR – Imagine


04. Shark (free)

The shARk by Curioscope is very similar to the Porsche app. However, the difference is that in this app, you’ll see a tiger shark on your screen. This shark will be swimming through the air. You can move your phone; walk around in search of the shark as it keeps going offscreen while swimming. To attract the shark’s attention, you will have to tap on the screen which will drop a small piece of floating food. With time, if you get bored with this tiger shark, you can anytime pay for installing a great white shark. There are similar apps like this such as the AR Dragon and the Walking Dead AR. Believe me, it’s a super fun experience to play this game.

05. MeasureKit AR

This is an app which can be very useful for the progressive modern world. It enables you to a virtual tape measure. All you have to do is to point at one corner of furniture, and then tap to anchor the ‘tape measure’. After that, point at the opposite corner and you’re done measuring that particular furniture. What you get is an onscreen line, drawn crispy in white showing that distance in exact feet and inches or meters and centimeters. If you want to use it for more purposes, you can shed some bucks and get additional features like person’s height measurer.

MeasureKit AR


06. Hair Color by Modiface (free)

This is a nice app for the ashion lovers who love experimenting with their hair color. It is simple and useful at the same time. With the help of this app, you can use your phone in the form of a magic mirror. Click on whichever hair color you like from the palette placed at the bottom of the screen. In this way, you’ll be able to see how you look in that particular hair color.

The best thing is how beautifully it traces your hair. There are about 22 different colors offered for free. Red, Brunette, Blonde, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and more are offered for free. You can further pay to unlock more colors. If you like the way you look in any particular hair color, you can immediately take a screenshot for future or real reference or even freak your friends out by making them believe it’s real.

Hair Color by Modiface


07. Night Sky 5 (free)

In this app, you can point your phone at the sky and see the stars in the form of a constellation. It conveniently connects the stars by line segments to form a constellation. Point your phone at the sky and see the stars—labeled and, in the case of constellations, conveniently connected by line segments. You can also try Sky Guide AR for a similar experience.

Night Sky 5 (free)



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