Fiio X1: At Last, a Low Pricing High Resolu tion Music Player

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First Impression:

One of the smallest Hi-Res DAP Portable Music player built in a hard on an all-aluminum compact body, yet a premium design material with a price that does not lighter your pockets or null your bank accounts – is a pretty good deal. Fiio X1 comes with just 1/3rd the price of Fiio X5 Player and its interface is much simpler than X5.

– Build and Design :

Fiio X1\’s all aluminum body gets a simple design form factor, and its curvy contours and smooth texture gives it a very premium feel. It comes with a very comfortable size – the one you can easily fit in your pockets and comfortably remove when required for listening purposes. I would have preferred a slim and slender built over a thick and hefty one – would have made it much comfortable to carry and hold.

It comes built in a 3.8 inches by 2.25 inches by 0.5 inch (96.6x57x14mm), and approximately weighs around 3.7 ounces (106 grams). But, despite its thick body built, it is not at all a deal breaker – in fact this makes it feel quite substantial and firm at hand. It has got really clicker power button and volume rockers on the upper left edges the buttons feel pretty premium. Furthermore, it gets the typical circular music and menu shuffle ring that has a very amusing feel to it plus 4 buttons surrounding it to go back and forth and a circular button for play and pause. It comes with silver and gold variant, but I liked the gold much better.

– Performance :

Fiio X1 sounds phenomenal it offers dynamic audio quality and brings considerable level of bass to it. I played quite a variety of music from diverse genres and it still sounded great. However, it doesn\’t not overwhelm you with its bass quality. X1 Fiio produces comfortable sound quality and does not hit your ears with discomfort. It allows you to swiftly shuffle songs, set equalizers, go to and from settings to music page – plus the shuffle ring feels really pleasing. It has a very simple interface compared to that of the Fiio X5, so this makes operating this portable device even more effortless.

It plays audio files such as FLAC, WMA, MP3, WAV, AAC APE, ALAC, and OGG, with up to 192-kHz/24 bit resolution. Hi-res is not a new phenomenon and has been here since early 2000s with DVD-A formats and SACD. Its hi-res recordings does not sound much better compared to CDs or standard-res FLAC files, but the overall quality is still aces up. You might not have come across this fact before, but Hires was made from old analog master tapes back in the days. Furthermore, it gets an external memory port, which allows you to put a Micro SD card. It comprises a 3.7v, 1,700mAH li-polymer lithium battery that delivers 10 hours of playback when fully charged, and takes just 2 to 3 hours to charge to the full.

Verdict :

FiiO X1 is a complete package with amazing audio quality, premium built, good battery backup, and simplicity to push music files on the go. We definitely recommend this for every audiophile, who craves quality and adores simplicity. We reviewed the FiiO E12 in our last issue, but accidentally misspelled the brand name. Our review for the same still stands strong. With the X1, FiiO continues to impress us like always. 

Specifications :
¢Size 96.7×57.7×14.1
¢Weight 106 Grams
¢3.5mm Headphone Jack
¢TFT Display Screen (320 x 240)
¢16~100 Impedance Range
¢192-kHz/24-bit audio res
¢110dB Dynamic range
¢Digital Volume Control Mode
¢1,700mAH battery capacity

FiiO X1 BK MP3 Player Player
List Price: Rs.7599
Our Price: Rs.7499
Buy from FlipKart
Buy Fiio X1 High Resolution Digital Audio Player – Gold from Snapdeal


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