Fashion Accessory Wearables You Won’t Believe Exist!

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These days, the old, boring wearables ‘look’ is almost dead. However, fashionable technology is definitely here to stay. It’s time to bid adieu the bulky, black plastic smartwatches.

So without further ado, we bring to you some astonishing wearable picks for tech-loving fashionistas and tasteful men.

The Michael Kors Access

We’ve seen how beautiful the Michael Kors Access smartwatches are up close. So, we definitely have a better idea of what we can expect in the future from the Android Wear-toting duo. Bradshaw is the feminine friendly model that comes with eight different bezel designs to choose from. Moreover, the straps vary all across the line as well.

This brand new Michael Kors Dylan Access is a rubber affair. And it has a well-defined bezel along with larger 28mm lugs. You can cheers because it comes in three designs too. Both of these are priced of $395 (approximately 25,294 INR).

The Pebble Time Round

This is probably the thinnest and lightest smartwatch that we have ever seen! It is petite even. The Pebble Time Round is merely 7.5mm thick, compared to the smartwatches, which are mostly measured around 10 – 11mm.

The watch comes equipped with 14mm and 20mm bandwidths in black, silver, and rose gold finishes (it also comes in a limited edition polished gold and polished silver) for you to choose. The watch runs on Pebble’s own OS, so it has fewer third-party apps compared to the big platforms. However, the watch does include some nifty features like Timeline and now its own Health platform. For being compact, the watch uses a color e-paper display and a tiny battery. This watch just lasts for two days. Whereas, the other Pebble watches last for 7 or even 10 days.

The Bellabeat Leaf & Leaf Urban

This watch is designed especially for women. The Bellabeat Leaf can be worn as a necklace as well as a brooch. It comes in two main styles. One is the standard design of wood and stainless steel with a silver chain. And another one is a limited edition version made from dark marshwood and gold leaf.

The Leaf tracks stress levels, steps, sleep and menstrual cycles and as with most smart jewelry boasts a long battery life – in this case, six months. Accessories include leather and vegan fiber straps! The Bellabeat Leaf is priced at $119 (approximately 7620INR). The Leaf Urban watch costs $250 (approximately 16008 INR).


All the fashion accessories hold a special enchantment for teen girls, and Gemio is something that is trying to bring tech into this balance. This line of connected friendship bracelets is popularly known as social wearables.

It will look absolutely funky on your sleek wrists. This Bluetooth bangle will allow the teens know if their friends are nearby (you need to pair the band once). Next, it will send some coded light pattern messages from one device to another. The watch comes with a detachable gem for customization purposes. The watch embraces simple yet intelligent features. As we all know, pretty looks spell success. Gemio is priced at $69 (approximately 4419 INR).


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