Far Cry Primal – Welcome to Stone Age

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First Impression :

Despite the popularity of Far Cry franchise, Far Cry Primal’s announcement was not received well. A Far Cry game without guns and firepower does not fit in with the franchise’s style. What the game does offer though is stones, arrows and spears. It makes you a primitive man hunting down animals and improvising with available resources. The franchise did not need a change, however, the developers did it anyway.

Review :

You play as Takkar, a caveman in the year 10,000 BC and he is a member of the tribe of Wenja, a town threatened by the pressure of an aggressive group of wild trying to wipe them off the face of this earth.It does not take long in the game to become the head of this group of people. In fact, this will be your main focus in the story mode. The village is growing in terms of everything we achieve for our people, citizens, and achieving certain numbers allows you to access certain improvements.

fcp_character-takkar_ncsaThere is a very large map to explore, it is as big as Kyrat that we enjoyed in Far Cry 4. The game is presented with chic cinematics, beautifully groomed from both aesthetically and from audio because, remember, the game comes to our country with the only translation of texts and a great voices in the original version that complex prehistoric language that its leaders have invented for the game. The interesting thing is that, apart from all the main objectives, there are a lot of random events that we will find on your way. These can be as simple as fighting between factions in which we can intervene, or not, and other more elaborate as groups of prisoners from our side that we can rescue from the clutches of the enemy or even groups of allies who need to travel from one point to another and want an escort to make it safer.

The world of Far Cry Primal really make you feel that you are in a prehistoric world. The helpless feeling you get in a dangerous and inhospitable place is fantastic, especially when night falls. Sipping references like Dying Light and brutal cruelty when the sun sets, Primal difficulty level rises drastically when darkness surrounds us.It is a pleasure to walk through the open world of this new Far Cry and, indeed, makes you feel like one primitive man who is helpless and gripped by the circumstances of the outside world.There are several levels of difficulty which are available at the beginning of the game, and it goes without saying that the higher we set the level, the more we will enjoy this demanding world.

Character progression is really good, and so is weapons and skill development. Your arsenal provides bows, spears and some other tools easily accessible via the roulette menu, and all of them are fun to use. You do not know how satisfying it is to take your enemy down with a headshot by an arrow. It is impossible to make us feel like a primitive man hardcore violence and in this regard Far Cry Primal leaves no room for half measures.You can also take down animals are small as rats and as big as bears with your weapons. And do not forget the skinning part. You can also develop relationships with animals and use them in your tasks. For example, we can invoke an owl to explore the scene with our control and even to attack some enemies, and, most importantly, we have a wide range of animals that we can train and employ to fight by giving simple orders. The concept is simple and properly executed, bringing a touch of great primitive originality.


In previous Far Cry games, we also had to gather resources from plants or animals for manufacturing improvements, and it is no different here.

You must also be aware of your own health, something you can regenerate with different medicinal plants and foods. There are quick trips, frames, bonfires to rest and all dressings and shortcuts we can expect from an open world, but at the end of the trip walking from one point to another stage is very attractive since you will discover interesting events and random encounters The makers promised a map of the approximate size of Far Cry 4 and, although it is difficult to say whether they have fulfilled the promise, the truth is that it has generous dimensions.


Fcp_character-jayma_ncsaNo guns and vehicles, but Far Cry Primal is still an excellent game. The makers deserve praise for taking the game back in time, and delivering an astonishing setting. They have moved away from previous Far Cry concepts, but have stuck to the franchise’s roots. With Assassin’s Creed taking a break this year, we hope that franchise also delivers a new experience like Far Cry Primal next year. With so much to do, Far Cry Primal will definitely keep you occupied for a very long time.

Price – Rs. 3,499 for PlayStation 4 | Xbox One, Rs. 1,799 for PC

Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Publisher – Ubisoft | Reviewed on – PlayStation 4

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