Faisal Husain

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He quit a prestigious job at Merrill Lynch to come up with something more precious. Synechron, the 200 Million Dollar IT Services Company that has its headquarters in New York is his brainchild. With his hands-on approach in IT services delivery, his insights have helped him drive his business. He holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and MS in Computer Science.The man behind the magic, Faisal goes easy with Exhibit.1. Any unusual apps that keep you busy with your Smartphone Akinator. It can guess who you are thinking of by asking you a series of questions. It\’s a great way to impress others!2. A book that you want us to read is¦Hyperspace – a book by MichioKaku, a theoretical physicist from the City College of New York.3. 9 a.m. on a working day what will we find you doing?I\’m most likely to be checking my mails. I\’ve a habit of starting my day by answering to all of them so I don\’t have too many unread emails.4. Any innovation that you would like to see come to life in the next 19 years?Vacuum tube travel! This can reduce the travel time from NY to San Francisco to less than one hour. Imagine, one could live in NY and commute to SF for work!5. What will your Bio Look like in 2023, i.e. post 9 years from now?CEO of Synechron – the world\’s most admired IT consulting and outsourcing company.

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