Facts about – Masayoshi Son, CEO of the SoftBank

Masayoshi Son the CEO of SoftBank
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Masayoshi Son is the CEO of the SoftBank Group Corp and a billionaire. He dropped out of high school at 15 after reading a book by Ryoma. Here are some more interesting bits about one of the most powerful CEO’s of the world.

According to Forbes, Masayoshi Son is the 53rd most powerful person in the world, 51st richest person in 2015, 12th richest in Technology and Japan’s secondrichest person. Masayoshi Son has been highly motivated by a book written by a Samurai called Ryoma. While addressing a crowd outside Ryoma Memorial Museum, Son said,”Ryoma was the beginning stage in my life”. He emphasized on the point that how insignificant and small we are in context to the bigger things in life.

Son said his life was changed majorly at 15 when he read a book about Ryoma, whose worldly perspective motivated Son to leave secondary school a year later to go to the U.S. He has rehashed the book a few circumstances since: at the season of SoftBank’s establishing, amid a three-year episode of genuine sickness and when he purchased the Japanese unit of Vodafone Group Plc, venturing billions of dollars into the red.

Son and the Samurai he drew inspiration from have a couple of things in like manner. Both were once young fellows of humble beginnings and incredible desire who went up against the foundation. Ryoma assumed a key part in consummation Japan’s 300-year disconnection as a component of the development to topple the Tokugawa shogunate. He is credited with building up the country’s first exchanging organization. He was killed at age 33 by still-obscure professional killers using a shotgun.

After a century, Son was destined to a Korean outsider family. He made his first $1 million from a multilingual electronic interpreter he developed while learning at the University of California at Berkeley and utilized the returns to import Space Invader diversion machines to the U.S., before coming back to Japan to establish SoftBank.

Son, who is now 58 years old, has changed the organization from a PC programming merchant to one of Japan’s biggest transporters, with ventures running from Sprint Corp. in the U.S. what’s more, China’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to new companies in India. SoftBank’s logo, two silver even bars, depends on Ryoma’s banner.

Ryoma’s fans additionally incorporate previous Prime Minister Naoto Kan and innumerable business officials. His pictures are utilized to offer everything from keychains and brew to business guidance books and TV shows.

Some portion of Ryoma’s allure is that he was a proficient swordsman and a scholarly person. In one high contrast photograph, Ryoma is wearing a loose kimono with a short Japanese sword, a wakizashi, tucked into the belt. He is holding a gun, which he purportedly used to get away from a death endeavor.

Regardless of his universality in Japanese pop culture — he even has a space rock named after him — Ryoma is generally obscure to abroad groups of onlookers more acquainted with samurai models from the primitive time frame he finished.

“It takes a character like Ryoma to make a commendable discussion accomplice for a man of such extraordinary desire,” said Yukie Maeda, the gallery’s keeper. “Pioneers regularly confront those forlorn snapshots of basic leadership. It bodes well to place yourself in Ryoma’s place and ask: what might Ryoma do?”

As a major aspect of the birthday merriments in Kochi, Son held the bronze hand of Ryoma’s statue to make the primary connection in a human chain extending 500 meters (about 33% of a mile) to the shore, where another resemblance stands looking over the Pacific.


In my office, there is an existence measure photograph of Ryoma,” Son said at the occasion. “Each morning when I come to work, it reminds me to settle on a choice deserving of Ryoma.


Son is fixated on what’s to come. Amid an income call a month ago, he said he needed to be tech’s Warren Buffett, and he has a 300-year get ready for SoftBank (SFTBF).

It might appear to be odd that a very rich person who needs to make quiet correspondence a reality, just met with a tycoon known for noisily communicating his perspectives at enormous revives. In any case, not for Son.

In September, he approached President Park Geun-hye to discuss putting resources into South Korea. In spite of his capacity to open entryways, he hasn’t generally had things simple in the U.S. SoftBank acquired Sprint, a US-based mobile network provider for $20 billion in 2012, yet controllers hindered his endeavor to consolidate the battling portable transporter with T-Mobile (TMUS) in 2014. He has a reputation of meeting specifically with world pioneers to talk business. Recently, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed SoftBank’s $10 billion interest in India’s innovation part.

Here are some of the companies in India that are backed by the SoftBank group:

  • InMobi
  • Ola Cabs
  • SBG Cleantech
  • Snapdeal
  • OYO Rooms
  • Grofers

Softbank has invested almost close to $2 billion in India already and major of these investments have gone into Snapdeal and Ola and the future definitely looks bright for India with more funds coming in!


‘‘A person’s life is over in 50, 100 years. But a company lives on through the people it is composed of, and SoftBank group has to survive even after I’m gone.


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