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How to extend your phones battery life

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The Smartphones of today’s generation has pretty solid battery life, but still, most of them couldn’t go throughout the day. With some tweaking, you can decrease battery consumption without limiting its performance.

Here are the tips that can prolong your battery life.

Kill apps

Running an application in the background can improve switching between apps but it will consume more power. Try killing all the background applications.

Disable GPS

Keeping GPS ON can use your battery and result in quick battery discharge. Try switching off GPS receiver unless you are using Uber or Google Maps.

Use Low brightness

One of the battery hungry hardware is the display. It covers the complete front area of the smartphone. Decreasing brightness will reduce quick battery discharge. It’s a good idea to utilize auto-brightness whenever possible.

Avoid using Face and Voice unlock

Face and Voice unlock in Android smartphones are not secured. It can be easily be bypassed by showing your photo in front of the camera by voice playback. Consider using fingerprint or password for more security.


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