Evelyn Sharma – Exhibit Tech Diva Feb 2017

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Reigning the Tech Diva throne this month is the bubbly yet gorgeous Evelyn Sharma who talks about her unprecedented affair with Bollywood, shares a piece of her mind and her favourite tech, of course!

Exhibit: You didn’t belong to the film industry in any way but then you entered Bollywood and instantly became a huge hit. How has your experience in Bollywood been so far?
Evelyn: Yes, coming from a small town in Germany, it sure is a big change in my life! I came to India to discover my Punjabi roots and was instantly picked up by the film and fashion industry. A big beauty brand signed me as their brand ambassador and it became my ticket to Bollywood. I signed 5 films in my very first year and now 4 years later I’ve had an amazing ride working with the top names of Bollywood in over 12 films! It’s been nothing short of amazing and I am super thrilled to now even be a part of Imtiaz Ali’s new film with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. Life really is what you make it!

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