Epson EH-TW5300 is a 3D projector that tries too hard to be normal

Big Picture gone wrong..

Price: Rs.75,800/-Specs:

  • MHL and USB Support
  • 2,200 lumens Brightness
  • 3D Playback with Built in Speaker
  • Full HD Projection
  • 35,000:1 Ratio

How does it feel out of the box?It feels small, glossy and beautiful especially after reviewing its massive brother EH-TW8200. This projector promises to deliver 2,200 lumens of claimed brightness, a Full HD resolution, a dynamic contrast ratio claimed to be 35,000:1, MHL mobile phone connectivity and 3D playback, which is quite an impressive feature list. We did try these features and must we say, Epson knows what they are doing!Epson-Home-Theatre-Projector-EH-TW5300_1What am I getting for the price?You get a gorgeous looking projector that could suit your coffee table. It offers loads of connectivity via ports at the rear from 2 HDMI ports to VGA to RCA, Audio out and USB connectivity, this one is super easy to setup. Rounded edges and manual controls on the projector along with an IR Remote, allow for an almost television like setup. An astonishing 7500 hours of lamp life with the feature list and an amazingly customisable picture quality via its easy to understand menu, this projector is total value for what you pay.How does it perform?I am an avid multimedia consumer and I did not limit this projector to just videos, in fact I gamed on it too. While my expectations were hyped by the dynamic ratio and bright lamps, in reality the projector failed to impress me, especially during dark scenes in movies and games. Black levels were poor most of the times. This isn’t such an issue if you’re using the projector in a fairly bright room. HD videos looked crisp and details were maintained even during motion blurs. Surprisingly enough, the lumens dropped to 1500 while it was run in Eco Mode, but then it also ran much quieter. It performed stellar in 3D mode and the active shutter 3D glasses perform amazingly well even while converting 2D to 3D. All the normal mode flaws are reduced massively in 3D. What’s so special?The EH-TW5300 supports 3D playback if you add a pair of optional active shutter 3D glasses, and the 3D playback is supported by a 480Hz driving system to reduce crosstalk ghosting noise. This small baby also rocks a frame interpolation processor, designed to calculate extra frames of video to remove judder. One last feature to mention here is the inclusion of a built-in speaker. However, its mono 5W output means it’s unlikely to be able to compete with the surprisingly decent sound emitted from some other projectors.What’s your final take?The EH-TW5300 is designed amazingly but then it fails to impress any further with poor black levels and portraying its best attribute via 3D capabilities. For the price, there are several other options which offer much better picture reproduction.



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