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Ooho edible water bubbles!

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Plastic takes over hundreds of years to decompose and thus is one of the leading causes of pollution. With more than 8 million metric tons of plastic reaching the ocean every year, it has become clear, that effective and innovative alternatives for plastic must be found. Ooho is one such alternative that could significantly reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Ooho is a small, circular, bubble-shaped membrane, with a small volume of water enclosed inside it. The membrane is made from brown algae and calcium chloride and is thus both sustainable and edible. One can simply poke a hole in the membrane and drink the water or better even just eat the water bubble directly. Ooho is normally tasteless, but both flavours and colours can be added to it. The membrane is biodegradable and takes only four to six weeks to decompose, like a piece of fruit. While primarily for water Ooho can also contain other liquids such as soft drinks and spirits.

Ooho was founded by a London-based startup called Skipping rock lab which aims to work on many sustainable projects, of which Ooho is the first! The product has been tested in markets around Europe and is planned to pilot in 2018, at sporting events such as the London marathon and the Glastonbury festival.

Skipping rock lab has claimed that their proprietary material is cheaper than plastic and that it consumed 5 times less C02, and 9 times less energy compared to PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The project has raised over 500000 pounds through a campaign on the crowdfunding site CrowdCube, with over 500 people investing in it.

Today as environmental concerns have become paramount, the world calls for innovation that is socially responsible and sustainable. With over 100 million water bottles used every day, these edible water bubbles could be one such innovation. According to skipping rock lab, their impact is to stop 1 billion plastic bottles from reaching the ocean every year and stop 300 million kg of C02 from ever being emitted.

Ooho is undoubtedly innovative, hopefully, it will also be effective in replacing or at least reducing the use of plastic bottles.

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