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DJ Kerano talks about the changes he desires in the current music scene

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Born and bought up in New Delhi, the 22-year-old DJ and music producer KERANO at a very early age decided that his future belonged to music. Previously, DJing under the alias North & South, KERANO is now all set to welcome his new brand name, emotion and energy in sync.Why DJing: I actually started producing music way before I started DJing. I worked in the studio a lot and finally decided to start road testing my original stuff and my edits. I played my first gig back in 2010 and have been at it ever since.How do you spin: Well, to be honest, I love groove and also the old-school house vibe, so whenever I play a set, I try to find a meeting point between the new dance music sound and the old original groove cartel sound.Your first gig: My first gig was on the 20th of November 2013 at a club in New Delhi called Kitty Su. I was extremely nervous getting onto stage and I practically messed up everything that could have been messed up on that that first gig really.Apart from partying, your idea of chilling: My work makes me travel so much that my idea of chilling now is to have ghar ka khaana, which I don\’t get very often now. Also, I love to hit the gym as it relaxes me. I love meeting old pals near my colony over tea and conversations.Djing or producing songs: Producing music, hands down! The best club in India or aboard in terms of techno logical equipment:  I\’ve heard that the sound system at Space, Ibiza is second to none. I can\’t wait to play there. My management at WMS is going to make that happen real soon. Fingers crossed!If you could stage a rave somewhere: An airport hangar.You would love to spin with: I\’m currently using CDJs but I would love to get my hands dirty with some vinyls and records! You just made me realize my agenda for the next few months. Thank you!Your style of lyrics: I will get back to you on that!Hip hop or Techno: I absolutely love both hip-hop and techno on different nights and different venues and when I\’m in two completely different headspaces.A change required for the current music scene: Ego needs to take a breather. Take a break from competition once in a while to lend a helping hand to someone else. Producer/Promoter/DJ -carry each other forward!We could follow you on: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and Snapchat on Keranoofficial 

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