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DJ of the month – DJ CHETAS

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Exhibit: Hey Chetas, give us an insight of your journey into the industry so far.
DJ CHETAS: It’s been about 8 years now, first 5 years was only struggle with no result, no pay, nothing. I just kept building a catalogue, playing for free, trying to meet new people, etc. It picked up about 2 years back when people started developing a liking for my music, a genre I wanted to create called BDM (Bollywood Dance Music) which is a crossover of Bollywood and EDM and I’m glad this has picked up and Is well delivered all around the country today.

Exhibit: Tell us more about your campaign #TakeIndiaToTheWorld. How did you get the idea?
CH: #TakeIndiaToTheWorldcame about when I was speaking with my team about how when you compare Indian melodies and vocals to those abroad, we’re more musically rich and have GREAT potential to take this everywhere. We then wanted a platform to showcase such music Internationally since Indian music has always been very regional with no breakthrough barring the case of A R Rahman. I then decided to launch a campaign for the Top 100 DJs since this is where the maximum action for EDM at least is happening.

My fans supported me when I needed them the most and I was succesful in the campaign. Soon my music was being heard by people round the world just to find out who this guy was who had started creating waves out of nowhere. How this campaign also helped me was in getting acquainted to some of the top artists and labels internationally. They saw the power of the Indian audience and realised how good a market this is. In no time, we were talking collaborations, marketing startegy, movie synchs, etc. You’ll see what this one small campaign has done very shorlty in India. There’s going to be an influx of music people never thought of before and Internationally, Indian musicians will get the recognition we could only dream of!

Exhibit: What’s your most memorable performance as a DJ?
CH: Kora Kendra Ground for 25,000 students who had come out to see me.

Exhibit: What’s your personal favorite genre? What does the audience want the most?
CH: Music beyond genres, haha! Currently, I’m loving future bass.

Exhibit: How do you try to communicate to the audience through your music and style?
CH: I think we’re one common voice. If the crowd is singing along to whatever I’m playing, I’m doing the right thing. If they aren’t, then it’s time for me to change my set!

Exhibit: Is it difficult to keep innovating and experimenting with new music styles or does that come naturally to you?
CH: It’s about being up-to-date. I’m browsing through different music everyday for inspiration.

Exhibit: Any subgenre of music that doesn’t get its due attention in India?
CH: According to me, Future Bass, Trap, Tropical need to get more attention.

Exhibit: Speaking about the global music festivals, where do you foresee yourself playing music five years from now?
CHHopefully, something as big as Global Citizen Festival!

Exhibit: How does technology help in your professional life? How does the same affect your personal life?
CH: Although technology plays the biggest role in my professioal life, I’m not a big tech buff when it comes to using it in my personal life. I like using it only when necessary. I prefer a personal touch over a click or scroll.

Exhibit: Are you addicted to any particular gadget? Or app?
CH: I use my phone as a phone, only. I’m on calls all day to the annoyance of most. I obviously use YouTube and Soundcloud to find new music, but no one app in particular.

Exhibit: How important is social media’s contribution for your professional life?
CH: VERY! I’m very proud of my social media presence and how we’re working towards doing more for the fans through it. I can now have my fans hear what I feel they’ll like without thinking whether its commercial enough or no.

Exhibit: If not DJ-ing, what would Chetas have been excelling at?
CH: DJ Chetas is an excellent businessman already!

Exhibit: Words to inspire new talents trying their luck in DJ-ing.
CH: Make sure you take formal training and don’t go by the “I learn’t from YouTube route.” Formal training is always better and gives you a hands on experience. Keep putting out free downloads and bootlegs if the label doesn’t sign you. Your sound needs to come out which is the most important factor.Don’t be hungry for gigs, they’ll come directly when the time is right!


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