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DJ Duo – Progressive Brothers

dj duo - progressive brothers
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We covered Progressive brothers, the enticing duo, in the DJ of the Month column in this issue and came back with an interesting chat with the duo. From discussing their Tech preferences to their musical influences, we covered it all in the interview here.


Our relationship with technology is obsessive. It is a integral part of our life and we always thrive for new products and innovation.


Your dream gig.
Progressive Brothers: Our dream gig would be to play a packed show at Taj Mahal.

Your most favourite gig?
PB: We love playing college shows & festivals. Sunburn Festival/Campus & Enchanted Valley Carnival are super special to us. We’ve played at over 100 colleges & every college show is prodigious. They all remain our absolute favourite because they’re the right audience for our music which usually draws upto 20000+ crowd.

Describe your style of music.
PB: Our style combines dance music with influences from pop, hip-hop and house music.

Tell us about your process of making music.
PB: As DJs/Producers, we influence our society in certain ways. Our approach towards music production has always been very modern and youth-friendly. It always starts with an idea to produce a track – it can be a melody or vocals that inspires us. There are times when we finish producing a song in a week and sometimes it takes a year to finish another one.

Your thoughts on Social media, music promotion and digital streaming.
PB: Social Media has a huge impact on an artist’s growth these days as it is considered the biggest marketing platform for everyone. It is the best way to connect with your fans directly. Through social media promotions, it is easy for up-and-coming artists to promote a song or build an audience outside the realm of record labels & industry politics. At the same time, overusing it also takes away the creativity of an artist so we’re always looking for a digitally balanced life. Digital streaming is growing exponentially on the other hand & from the looks of it, it is the future of the Music industry. It is the easiest way to reach the audience for artists like us & cuts down the distribution costs too. This conjecture is made by us by seeing the growing number of listeners online in recent years.

Progressive Brothers and Tech.
PB: Our relationship with technology is obsessive. It is an integral part of our lives and we always thrive for new products and innovation. The most useful gadgets are Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, Midi Controller & Xbox 360. Mac is helping us so much professionally & personally as the use of computer has drastically evolved into making mainstream music, making new music and the future looks bright! For example, you can produce an entire song on a laptop when you are on the go.

Electronic music scene in India now and in the next 5 years.
PB: Electronic music scene has become the new age pop and it’s booming in India. It has outgrown from clubs to concerts now. It’s astonishing to see the growth in the number of International & Indian DJs doing shows in India now compared to couple of years ago. We’re glad to be a part of this dance music listening generation. The crowd here is educated in terms of music & underground/sub-genres are also finding their space in the growing scene. It is only going to get bigger & better from here.

Two different individuals with their own ideas of music make up Progressive Brothers. Have there ever been conflicts?
PB: We are two different individuals sharing the same ideology and vision to make a name for ourselves. Thankfully, there are no conflicts as we share a great rapport with each other and do what’s best in the interest of Progressive Brothers.

Your musical inspiration.
PB: Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Zedd & Avicii inspire us a lot. Flume, Porter Robinson & Madeon are artists to watch out for.

Your early days of DJing and the influences that shaped your craft.
PB: We started off as Resident DJs where everyday is a new challenge to make people get up and dance. We give a lot of credit to that as it helped us in understanding the pulse of the audience as well as experiment with our style of music.

The best and the worst thing about being in this profession? How would you like to describe the life of a DJ?
PB: Being in this profession is a dream with no dress code. You’re into music 24/7, get to travel the world, meet new people everyday and you get paid to party. The worst thing is our neighbours because they are constantly complaining about loud music.

What do you do when not making music?
PB: We love spending our free time in the gym, going for swimming, playing Cricket, Snooker, etc.


  1. Car you drive: Hyundai Creta & Ford Ecosport.
  2. Instruments you play: Piano, Guitar.
  3. Instruments you wish you played: Djembe.
  4. Your favorite track from your own music: This is our time & Wild Hearts (unreleased).
  5. One track you feel didn’t deserve the attention it got: Bad Royale – Alchemy.
  6. A day in the life of Progressive Brothers: Cocktails & Dreams.
  7. Most unique tech gadget: Spectacles by Snap.
  8. Most useful tech gadget: Macbook Pro.
  9. Best piece of advice given to you: Follow your heart.
  10. One never dying mantra of your life: Keep asking yourself ‘What next’?
  11. One song on loop: Kygo & Selena Gomez’s It ain’t me.
  12. Must-have gadget that’s not your laptop or phone: Hoverboard.
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