Dirty Scam – Gadgets that never became the reality

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Brands are successful if they innovate and bring new gadgets– to the masses. Sometimes, brands launch gadgets that we can only dream of.  But not every invention makes it to the final stage. For every success story, we encounter thousands of products that failed to deliver. We’ve found 5 gadgets that seem like something the public would want — or what someone thought they did, but that never saw a light of day.

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1. CST-01

In 2013, a company called Central Standard Time launched a Kickstarter campaign for CST-01, a sleek and minimal stainless steel wristwatch that is only 0.80 mm thick, making it the thinnest watch ever made. The watch was an instant hit and creators received a fund of over $1million. But as the time progress, the company struggled to develop and fulfill the backers.

2. Skarp Laser Razor

Skarp Technologies showcased a new technology that could shave your hair with a laser. The Skarp razor is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating or damaging the skin. This project has collected over 4 million before it was banned for funding on Kickstarter. Reason? The team behind the product could not prove they have a working prototype, not even one that can do what developers claim.

3. Freedom 251

Ringing Bells, the company behind the Freedom 251 surprised with the announcement of “India’s cheapest smartphone” that cost only Rs. 251 ($5). The time when the cheapest smartphone cost around Rs. 2000, Mohit Goel introduced a smartphone that only cost Rs. 251. Approximate 7.5 crore people pre-booked this phone, but it was never been delivered thanks to the problem with the manufacturer.

4. Cicret Bracelet

A secret is a first of its kind wristband that features a projector that can display the Android OS on your skin. A simple wristband promised a lot of features made it suspicious. Also, the video is the work of post-production special effects, not a prototype piece of technology in action. That’s because no prototype exists. The video even ended with a catchphrase “Like a tablet. But on your skin”.

5. Agent Smartwatch

Secret labs, the company behind the Agent smartwatch came up when the smartwatch technology was flourishing. The tag itself as the “world’s smartest watch” that comes with brand new technology and offering world-class developer tools. Secret Labs raised more than 1 million dollars funding, but the watch was nowhere near the state of completion. The circuitry was not complete nor the software(companion apps). They only used funds to build a factory space for the assembly of the watches and dry cabinets to hold the electronic parts.

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