DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal Pro Review: A Beginner’s Video Stabilizer

DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal review
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There is no denying that there is a rise in consumers who have begun honing their video recording skills. Many consumers are pursuing their dream of having their own recording equipment to start their own venture.

This new explosion of videographers led to the rise of new digital audio and video equipment like drones and video stabilisers. Initially, the latter was always meant for professional video cameras. Until a few manufacturers decided to bring stabilisers for handheld devices.

Fast forward to 2018, we have DigiTek’s Gimbal Pro. The Delhi based company is competing with industry leaders like DJI and Zhiyun.

So, is the Gimbal Pro a better choice than the other competing brands? Are we seeing Indian companies bring great audio-visual equipment at affordable prices? Read on to find out.


The Gimbal Pro has a smooth metallic finish and feels premium in the hand. The device is easy to grip, though I do believe that the gimbal could have benefitted from cushioned grips. The metallic finish of the product extends to the rest of the body all the way up to the swivel arms of the gimbal.

DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal review

The two sections of the gimbal are well built and I did not notice any friction between the swivel arms. The holder for the smartphone will be compatible with most smartphones, and the clamps keep the smartphone tightly in place.

The DigiTek Gimbal’s roll and tilt motor are both built into the spherical casings on the swivel arms.

On the front, the Gimbal Pro has the battery level indicator, operation status indicator, the power and mode selection buttons. You can also manually control the swivel of the gimbal with the built-in joystick.

DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal review

At the back of the gimbal, just above where the finger rests, is a button to begin video recording and capture images.

The box contents of the DigiTek Gimbal Pro includes a tripod stand and a micro USB charger.


If you are a first time user of gimbals, then setting up the device will be a learning curve you have overcome. Once the smartphone is placed in the clamp, you will have to manually set the stability of the smartphone. The Gimbal has to support the weight of the smartphone.

Once the setup is completed, the Gimbal is ready to be used with its companion app. The app is easy to navigate and has its own camera interface. You can set image quality to the highest quality and start recording video and capture image.

DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal review

The primary reason for using a handheld stabiliser is to get the best video shots and eliminating shakiness. I tested out the Gimbal Pro with my Redmi Note 5 to see how well it performed in comparison to its competitors.

The Digitek Gimbal Pro was able to smoothen out the video recording when taking videos without too many moving subjects in the frame. When observing the footage even closer there are instances of warping, but these are negligible.

The Gimbal Pro has the ability to track a subject while recording video. Through the app, you can select a person in the frame and record your footage. The gimbal will attempt to keep the subject within the frame until you stop subject tracking.

DigiTek 3 Axis Gimbal review

In our tests, the Gimbal Pro did struggle with subject tracking. The gimbal app could not register quick movements from subjects and often lagged behind in retaining the subject in the frame. You can manually move the gimbal arms with the joystick but this will require a lot of practice to frame your shots.


The Gimbal Pro is a well-built video stabiliser with a simple and easy to use app interface. The buttons on the gimbal are well placed and you can easily access them single-handedly. As mentioned before, the Gimbal Pro could have benefitted from additional rubberized grips to give it a premium feel.

Available for Rs 6,999 from Amazon, the gimbal is a good option for those who are just beginning to test out and hone their video recording skills. But at a higher price, you can choose to get the DJI Osmo Mobile 2.

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